Any ideas on cheaper camcorder cases_ esp. for the Sony DCR-VX2100

Discussion in 'Professional Video Production' started by Randyman, Feb 14, 2004.

  1. Randyman

    Randyman Guest

    I'm collecting all the info. I can to save a buck here and there; so, I can
    get more for my money. I want to protect my new camcorder after I finally
    purchase it when I transport it from site to site. Any novel good cheaper
    protection ideas on cases to protect it. What do some of you imaginative
    guys and gals use for your camcorder? Thanks ----

    Sincerely -- Randyman
    Randyman, Feb 14, 2004
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  2. Randyman

    gothika Guest

    You don't have to go toa camera shop and plunk down big bucks for a
    In fact most of the lower price cases on the market offer almost no
    real protection. Unless you pay top dollar for a Zero Halliburton or
    similar case you're not getting any serious shock protection.
    There are som cases made of HDPE or polycarbonate that with adequate
    foam padding work well. You really have to get one slightly oversized
    to get the necessary impact protection to protect video cams.
    If you buy them from a camera store you'll pay too much.
    I shop around for these type travel cases at flea markets and
    I got a coupleof my best cases at a auction of FBI outdated equipment.
    Kevlar shock cases with magnetic shielding and a epoxy overcoating.
    Very tough, but I used to get manual searches everytime I went through
    airport security, they were x-ray proof!.
    Still for 5 bucks for a small on for mikes and cables and 9 for the
    one that held 2 eng cameras a great bargain.
    You can also get shock cases at industrial supply houses alot cheaper
    than "camera store" prices.(Graingers carries cases for teat gear.)
    You can also use any old attache that is built well. I have an old one
    that I use for location work, it' a aircraft aluminum frame box job
    with teak plywood panels. I lined it with shock foam and it works just
    as good as any of my haliburton stuff and it only cost me 5 bucks at a
    yard sale. Even better it's covered with ugly blue short knap carpet
    like material and looks nothing like a camera case.(It's circa early
    50's and was probably a students attache).
    This cuts down on theft. No thief ever thinks to snatch it.
    I've had associates that build up later model attaches to hold camera
    gear as well. You rip out the lining to get down to the plastic case.
    then layer it with fiberglass mesh and epoxy resin. If you're
    proficient with metals an aluminum kick plate can be embedded in the
    fiberglass. One layer of mesh/resin, press in the aluminum plate and
    layer over woith 1-2 more layers of mesh/resin.
    Once it's set up and all the vapors have cleared pack in shock foam
    and cut out for the camera/gear.
    It's perfect camoflage for getting cameras past security etc... AND it
    doesn't look like a camera case so thieves aren't as apt to snatch it.
    second hand Samsonite attaches can be had for very little at garage
    sales and flea markets. I've even gotten them off the street corner
    tossed out with the rubbish.
    gothika, Feb 14, 2004
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  3. Randyman

    Seattle Eric Guest

    ..........I'm not sure I want to know.............
    Seattle Eric, Feb 15, 2004
  4. Randyman

    gothika Guest

    Pardon that's TEST gear.
    They're HDPE cases and are generally better than the usual cases you'd
    get at a camera store.
    gothika, Feb 15, 2004
  5. Randyman

    Seattle Eric Guest

    Ahhhh. Darn.

    So, they're Pelican style cases?
    Seattle Eric, Feb 17, 2004
  6. Randyman

    gothika Guest

    Yes, similar. Pelican is a latecomer to the shock case market. Zero
    Haliburton is still by much to be considered the best.(I have some
    combat grade Haliburton's that I used for my Hasselblad/Rollei gear.
    Titanium triple honeycomb skins. it'd stop a 44 slug at near point
    blank range.) Way too pricey for most of use and overkill for most
    Don't get me wrong Pelican is a pretty good case, just tends to be
    overpriced at most of the retailers that sell them.
    you can get them second hand at a value if you can find them.
    The commercial cases have thicker shells and better foam layering.
    Usually 3 layers. outermost layer hard, center layer medium density
    and soft foam inner. They also have shock wings. Big bumper corners
    that take the brunt of the impact. they're also oversized.
    Believe me as expensive as video/camera equipment is, electronic test
    gear can be much more costly. these shock cases are well worth the
    price. Buying them from a jobber is almost always cheaper than camera
    store prices.(I can remember well the days when retailers would stamp
    the label "photographic" on it and quadruple the price. This is out
    and out crookery in my opinion.)
    If you can get a pelican at a fair price and your needs aren't to
    rough they'll work.
    I prefer to go with the other.(I'd learned early own that damaged gear
    is just lost goods. Not to mention the fact that you can't even finish
    the assignment.)
    gothika, Feb 17, 2004
  7. Old luggage from Goodwill.
    Customizable with foam/etc. inserts.
    Survived the test of time.
    Doesn't scream "STEAL ME!"
    Richard Crowley, Feb 17, 2004
  8. Randyman

    PTRAVEL Guest

    Lowes Hardware has a nice metal tool box, attache style, with carvable foam
    inserts for $19.95. I use one with my VX2000 -- it works great.
    PTRAVEL, Feb 17, 2004
  9. Randyman

    gothika Guest

    Amen! Just what I do. And so much cheaper cost wise.
    gothika, Feb 18, 2004
  10. Randyman

    Randyman Guest

    I thank each and everyone of you nice folks for posting your ideas on
    cheaper camcorder cases. This is a truly classy newsgroup. Thanks for your
    Sincerely -- Randyman
    Randyman, Feb 19, 2004
  11. Randyman

    Ray Yerkes Guest

    I made a very low priced camera hard case for my Canon XL-1s on a tip
    off the web. I took the camera to Home Depot to the Tool Case Partment
    and found a generous sized plastic case which was slightly oversized. I
    picked up a can of spray on adhesive and found some one half inch foam
    rubber at an appolstry shop. Cut the foam, spray on the adhesive, place
    the foam and you have a top knotch case which doesn't Scream STEAL ME on
    the scene like something with CANON written all over it. Add a couple of
    padlocks and a cable to tie it down and it looks like anyone elses tool
    rather than a very expensive camera. I also found a tool sachel with a
    rubber botton with lots and lots of pockets for the "stuff".
    I love them.
    Ray Y
    Ray Yerkes, Feb 20, 2004
  12. Randyman

    Seattle Eric Guest

    Good tips, Ray, I saved 'em. Thanks!

    (Ummm, "upholstery".)
    Seattle Eric, Feb 20, 2004
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