any input ont the new Panasonic DMC-FZ10 w/12x

Discussion in 'Panasonic Lumix' started by Ray, Dec 29, 2003.

  1. Ray

    Ray Guest

    This cam seems to be what I have been waiting for a long time. 4 MP and a
    12x OS zoom to boot with full manual options. However the reviews seem to be
    either really really good or terrible. None in between. So am I better off
    waiting before getting this cam maybe till the spring and is it possible
    those that do not like the cam just do not know how to use it??
    Ray, Dec 29, 2003
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  2. Ray

    Vic Dura Guest

    Note that the FZ10 has a proprietary battery which IMO is a flaw. The
    rest of the camera specs look great; and the price is very good
    considering it has the image stabilization.
    Vic Dura, Dec 29, 2003
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  3. Hans-Georg,

    Have you tried the FZ1 firmware upgrade that gives the FZ1 the
    capabilities of an FZ2? It adds apperture and shutter priority as well as
    a red/blue manual WB adjustment. You can get the details at DPReview:

    I've done it and it works great. It gives new life to the alrady good

    Steven Whatley, Dec 31, 2003
  4. Ray

    Nylon Lover Guest

    I got mine on 12/23 at Ritz. This Sat they dropped the price 10%
    which is $60US and now throw in a nice custom case. I went back to
    Ritz and they gave me the cash and the case. It ROCKS! GREAT Zoom,
    great pics! Love it!
    Nylon Lover, Jan 6, 2004
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