Any opinions on the Olympus 8080W?

Discussion in 'Olympus' started by Paula Sims, Jun 8, 2005.

  1. Paula Sims

    Paula Sims Guest

    Hello all,
    I'm still a point-and-shoot type of person but would like to slowly
    venture out into more manual controls. I want to avoid a full SLR since
    I don't think I'll need all those features. I was looking at the Olympus
    8080 and I thought it looked pretty good for my needs. The question is
    the quality of the image.

    Any comments one way or another?


    Paula Sims, Jun 8, 2005
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  2. Paula Sims

    ecm Guest

    It's a very good camera; image quality is top-notch, probably the best
    available in the "prosumer" category; rivalling dSLR's quality at lower
    ISO's (50-100). Of course, sensor noise is an issue at higher ISO's
    (200-400) as it is in all the fixed-lens cameras right now; if you need
    noise-free ISO 400 or more you need a dSLR. It's a bit slower than a
    dSLR to store images, and it's not as responsive - there's a small but
    noticable shutter lag. Some users have been complaining about AF
    problems in low light, but it's all relative - I've had trouble with a
    Canon dRebel searching for focus in dim light, too. The lens is
    reasonably fast (F/2.4-3.5), but it's not F/1.4 or anything. 28-140mm
    equivalent is a reasonable range; you'd spend a LOT to get an F/2.4
    28mm eq. wide-angle without fish-eye on a dSLR.

    There's been lots of discussion of the C-8080 at . It's on for
    fire-sale prices right now, it's a really good time to buy it.
    Unfortunately, it's discontinued, and it doesn't look like there's
    going to be another camera like it in the future - low-end dSLR's are
    taking over the market, for better or worse (worse, IMHO).

    ecm, Jun 8, 2005
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  3. Paula Sims

    Alfred Molon Guest

    The lens is *great*, even better than some DSLR lenses. Low light
    focusing is no problem, if you use iESP focus with P-AF (this way, you
    can focus in almost complete darkness).

    Picture quality is great, if you use RAW:

    The only issue would be the painfully slow card write times (12 seconds
    to write a RAW image, and no buffering, meaning that you have to wait
    until the camera finishes writing to the card until you can take the
    next image).

    Noise is not an issue if you shoot at lowest ISO (50) - this is not a
    camera designed to operate at ISO 400.

    For more information, see the online resource (link below) and the
    Olympus 8080 users group (link below).

    At we have a photo sharing site for users of this
    Alfred Molon, Jun 8, 2005
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