Anybody got docs for a Kodak LVT?

Discussion in 'Darkroom Developing and Printing' started by gr, Feb 6, 2014.

  1. gr

    gr Guest

    Got one of these at work, but precious little doc, except the CD with
    tutor and basic running. Got it working, but a service manual would be
    gr, Feb 6, 2014
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  2. gr

    Dale Guest

    one of the things you will have to know is if you have the light-valve
    version or LED version

    our hybrid systems integration lab at Kodak had an LVT, we didn't even
    get the CD

    I didn't see the tech use a manual when he switched ours to the LED
    version, I didn't stand around and watch him though

    I don't think LVT ever got out of its subsidiary status so they would
    have to probably pay a dear price for a manual from Kodak communications

    lots of money in fixing problems too I guess

    you might want to go on eBay and by up some old ones for parts
    Dale, Feb 8, 2014
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  3. gr

    gr Guest

    Got the LED version, 10"x10" version which was upgraded to run off a PC.
    gr, Feb 12, 2014
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