Anyone else have this problem with an ADS Pyro A/V Link?

Discussion in 'Amateur Video Production' started by Audiofile, Oct 20, 2004.

  1. Audiofile

    Audiofile Guest


    I think this box is great, but I noticed a problem with the video
    I've recorded. This problem dates back to when I bought it (under a
    month ago) to the present and can been seen with several different
    input sources. (Mostly digital television, so we're talking clean
    signal.) Strong colors (mostly red) appear to have vertical lines in
    them. The lines are slightly darker than the surrounding color. If
    the object moves, the lines appear to move across the object,
    indicating that the lines are stationary. Also the normal color next
    to the darker line may bleed upward, especially on diagonals. If
    severe enough, this can produce a slight jagged effect to the upper
    edge. The effect exists with several DV CoDecs I have on my system.

    If I can determine if the unit itself is defective I can take it back
    to the store for exchange. So I thought I'd post here and see if
    anyone else has experienced this before my 30 days runs out.

    Audiofile, Oct 20, 2004
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  2. If you are in NTSC-land, then this could be a problem related to the 4:1:1
    (down)sampling that DV25 conversion process does:


    Nothing MUCH you can really do about it. You can try applying various
    filters during the final destination encoding process, but it may not help
    much because color data has been "thrown away".

    This is a LEGIT beef that some people (mostly analog capture [e.g., ATI
    AIW advocates] have with DV25 capture boxes. Personally, I find that this
    problem is more than outweighed by the problems inherent with INEXPENSIVE
    analog capture boards, so I continue to use my Canopus ADVC-100. You
    could try getting any ATI AIW and capturing in uncompressed, HuffYUV or
    high-bitrate MJPEG codecs and see how that compares.

    A DV50 (analog to DVCPRO50 -- two DV25 codecs in parallel) transcoder
    would be the ultimate solution to your problem, but I do not know of any
    (that are priced anywhere near the "consumer" level). My guess why these
    are not readily available is that TPTB are afraid of "cannibalizing" their
    high-end products should something like this hit the market.
    Anonymous Sender, Oct 20, 2004
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  3. Audiofile

    G.I.O. Guest

    I have the Datavideo DAC-2 and, while I have other beefs with this unit, I do
    not see the problem you are experiencing. Take the box back and ask for
    another one to be sure it is or is not just your unit.

    Post your results so we can all know what you find out!

    G.I.O., Oct 24, 2004
  4. Audiofile

    Audiofile Guest

    I did return it for another one. Partly because after studying the
    web page provided by "Anonymous Sender," I had a problem with how a
    horizontal repetition of color would produce vertical bleeding (anyone
    have any better explanation for this?), and partly because of the
    playback problem described in another post of mine. Well, this one
    acts exactly the same way as the other one. I'm beginning to wonder
    if the playback problem might relate to the IEEE-1394 port I'm using.
    Unfortunately, I don't have another card to test right now. Also, I'm
    looking into what might be a problem with the audio portion (I'm
    getting a highly asymmetrical waveform) but it might relate to
    content. I have to do some more testing on this.

    Wish I had more conclusive news.

    Still investigating,
    Audiofile, Oct 28, 2004
  5. Audiofile

    AnthonyR Guest

    Can you describe the audio problem you are having?
    Is it mostly from older unstable analog video sources?

    AnthonyR, Oct 28, 2004
  6. Audiofile

    Audiofile Guest

    The waveform from the audio has much larger positive peaks than
    negative. There is no DC offset. There is still the possibility that
    the problem is in the source material, I'm still checking it out. The
    source material is from Digital TV, about as far away as you can get
    from older unstable analog sources. BTW, from the limited testing
    I've done, the AVS seems to work quite well with older VHS recordings.

    Audiofile, Nov 1, 2004
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