Anyone else loose Time Warner Firewire support recently?

Discussion in 'Amateur Video Production' started by Nightwing, Sep 7, 2004.

  1. Nightwing

    Nightwing Guest

    I've had the local Time Warner techs running circles trying to solve
    this, last week Thur. my firewire enabled cable box suddenly quit
    giving any output on the firewire port (Which my HD recoders require)
    Got it at the beginning of June, worked fine till last week, bought a
    2nd HD recorder & went and got a 2nd firewwire box on Wed. last
    week, on thur. or friday the firewire ports quit working. At first I
    figured they flagged something wrong when they reset my boxes, but so
    far the local techs have been unable to rectivate them. (Techs have
    been here, redid all my connections, brought out 2 other boxes, tried
    resetting things at the office, they're still trying to solve it, had
    another call earlier today - Tues). I'm beginning to wonder if
    somewhere there is a TW master control that might have turned them
    off network wide for some reason. If anyone else is having this happen
    let me know. Also where your at, I'm about 40 miles south of
    Milwaukee, local TW is Milwaukee,- Kenosha WI
    Nightwing, Sep 7, 2004
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  2. Nightwing

    RS Guest

    TW HD boxes have firewire output? Are you sure its firewire not DVI or HDMI?
    I have HD in Racine and am using the DVI out connect with a DVI/HDMI cable
    to put that HD signal into the TV. (It seems a bit crisper than the
    composite signal)
    RS, Sep 13, 2004
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  3. Nightwing

    Nightwing Guest

    Yes, & it's great if you can use it, as stated before my hdtv
    recorders (JVC's ) need it to record. I'm happy to reply that
    thier techs after about 10 days found thier problem (supposedly a
    software issue on thier end) & restored my boxes to functionality.

    Hm, have you looked at the back of your box? Both my firewire
    equipped boxes also have the DVI connector also, on the left corner
    you might find 2 firewire ports.

    Currently the JVC vcr's I found (D-VHS digital VHS) are the only way
    I know to record HDTV boardcasts. Not only do you get HD but also
    5.1 surround sound. Recently on a trip to the Best Buy in your fair
    city, I said to my girlfriend, jokeingly, look DVD's how quaint. I can
    see no loss between the tape & boardcast.

    I've never seen what the output looks like via DVI, but it's great via
    firewire. I cuurently have my monitors hooked to the component outputs
    from the vcrs, upstairs: to a samsung 17" widescreen lcd (use this for
    the computer also, 2 component ins, one cable, other vcr),
    downstairs to a hd ready tube tv & then the video projector, where I
    have a 10' screen set up. On the big screen you can really see the
    differance between HD & DVD.

    Notes on the VCR's, Currently have 2 JVC's a HM-DH3000U & a
    HM-DH4000U, both of these have only the component out, but a new
    model, I see on the JVC web site also has a DVI out, HM-DH5, but it
    was supposed to be out in August, but haven't found any for sale yet.
    Got the 1st from best buy, it was the floor model, paid 350.. :),
    ordered the 2nd on the net, paid 10$ more, you should be able to find
    them between 359-600 depending where, the new model's suggested
    price is 799, so I'd expect to see them show up for about 500-600.

    Some things to be aware of, on the vcr's, by agreement with the movie
    industry the manufactures had to agree that you can not set timer to
    the I-link (firewire) port, you can't timeshift your programs. But
    there is an easy fix for this, Went to Radio Shack & bought a couple
    vcr programer remotes (7.97 each), Just set them for channel 0 & leave
    the VCR set on the I-link input, when the time comes, they'll turn on
    your vcr & punch in a record time, like using the quick timer. I
    really don't know the movie people are that worried about, I don't
    even know anyone else I could give a tape to to watch.

    The 2nd thing is that D-VHS tapes are a bit pricey & hard to find,
    mostly available from the internet. The Come in two sizes 300's $9
    (holds 2 1/2hrs.) & 420's $18 (holds 3 1/2 hrs) in the HD mode (the
    same tapes can hold several hrs of S-VHS or VHS in the digital modes),
    But there is a quick fix for this too, you can take any S-VHS tape &
    drill a hole dirrectly opposite it's svhs hole & voila a d-vhs tape,
    but these will hold only what the did as s-vhs (120's = 2 hrs). Thus
    needing only to buy the d-vhs tapes for programs you want to save over
    2 hrs in length. Lastly it is tape so you will still get occasional
    doupouts, showing up as digital glitches or an audio dropout.

    While I was having my problems I made some inquiries, VOOM claims to
    have firewire equiped boxes available also.
    Nightwing, Sep 14, 2004
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