Anyone ever hear of Schriber Acoustic Microphones

Discussion in 'Professional Video Production' started by Dan Koellhofer, Jul 11, 2003.

  1. I was thinking about the Azden SGM-2X but realized it doesn't work
    with the VX2000 without a beachtek or similar device. I recently read
    in Videomaker magazine abuot the Schriber SA-568 for $139 that came
    with both 1/8" jack as well as an XLR output. I am having a hard time
    finding anything out about the company and
    redirects to Any opinions on the qulaity of their
    Dan Koellhofer, Jul 11, 2003
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  2. Dan Koellhofer

    Jeff Price Guest

    1) You can get an XLR to mini-plug adapter that will allow you to plug an
    Azden SGM-2x into a VX-2000. Costs about $10.

    I recently read
    2) Schriber is indeed made by NRG. I tried two SA-568s and returned both of
    them. The problem was hiss when the mic was set on the 'tele' pattern.
    When the mic was set on the 'normal' pattern it was fine. Flip it to 'tele'
    and a great deal of hiss (overall white noise as opposed to just at the high
    end). Tried on two different cameras (GL1 and GL2) - same problem, even on
    manual (GL2). Talked to the tech at Schriber, they said it was news to
    them. A search on the web turned up several other identical complaints.
    (Do a search on for my reports on this microphone). I sent the
    mics back and NRG said they'd check them out to see if they were defective.
    Since I never heard from them I take it they were within their specs. I
    know it's not my camera - the Sennheiser works great.

    I think the problem may lie in using electronics to make it more of a dual
    purpose microphone. If they get the kinks worked out it may be a good
    microphone. Heavy, but a good value.

    Jeff Price
    Flickerflix Nature Videos
    Jeff Price, Jul 11, 2003
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