anyone know when the new sony dsc- 825 is being released in the USA?

Discussion in 'Sony' started by BuGzY, Nov 14, 2003.

  1. BuGzY

    BuGzY Guest

    Does anyone have their money saved up like me? I think this is going to be
    the camera of the year dollar for dollar. or pound for pound. But who am I
    to say?
    BuGzY, Nov 14, 2003
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  2. BuGzY

    ScorpionKing Guest

    Today, December 25th, January 1, January 15th, it was discontinued.
    ScorpionKing, Nov 14, 2003
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  3. BuGzY

    Todd Walker Guest

    First of all, the model number is DSC-F828. The fact that Sony hasn't
    released any sample pictures and has delayed the camera twice aren't
    good signs. The chip is just too small to cram 8 megapixels on it. I
    predict it will be the camera FLOP of the year. Buy a Digital Rebel with
    the money you have saved and you will be happy.

    Todd Walker
    Canon 10D page:
    Todd Walker, Nov 14, 2003
  4. BuGzY

    BuGzY Guest

    thats strange, of all the places I have read up on it never once did anyone
    mention the chip being too small for 8 mp. Are all the pre release reviews
    bias or paid by Sony ya think? True there isnt any pictures out yet. And
    true with the Sony vs the Rebel you are stuck with the Carl Zeiss Lens. But
    from all Ive heard about the Rebel to get the real quality photos you need
    something along the lines of a 28-200 at around $340.00 so there goes the
    price difference. I do appreciate the feedback Todd. I had to take some
    second looks around. I think maybe waiting for a few months after the
    release will tell a better story for sure. But I hate waiting.
    BuGzY, Nov 14, 2003
  5. BuGzY

    BuGzY Guest

    Got a slight case of hiccups there guy? or is this your answer to a query
    about a release date? and by the way that signature, is that your school of
    life philosophy in a nutshell or just some deep poetry you were inspired to
    share with the group? Did you write it? Or pick it up at the pub?
    BuGzY, Nov 14, 2003
  6. BuGzY

    IK Guest

    Speculation? or...
    Fact? Where did you get this information from? Did Sony announce that
    they are having sensor problems? Did you conclude this from the sparse
    photographic samples that have shown up here and there and may or may not
    represent current (pre-)production model quality?

    Maybe Sony's delay has nothing to do with the sensor's quality, but with
    production capacity, consistency of lens quality, or adjusting software
    parameters. Perhaps Sony already knew months ago that they weren't going
    to achieve a release before christmas, but decided to announce an early
    release anyway to lure in potential buyers.
    Yet many people anticipated that Canon's D60 CMOS would have terrible
    noise compared to the D30 CMOS, because of the doubled pixel density.
    Technology advances, and boundaries are pushed. No doubt Sony was aware
    of the challenges associated with increasing pixel density. We will know
    when the independent test reports of a production 828 are in.

    Sony is a major manufacturer of image sensors. They'll want to make this
    sensor competitive with respect to quality and price in order to sell it
    to other camera manufacturers.
    The fact that they haven't yet suggests that this market segment is not
    so easily conquered. There are more competitors than Sony.
    IK, Nov 15, 2003
  7. BuGzY

    BuGzY Guest

    I probably would get a Rebel EOS-300 if it wasnt made out of plastic.
    BuGzY, Nov 17, 2003
  8. BuGzY

    ScorpionKing Guest

    F828 now available as pre-order on for 999.95

    Planned ship date Dec 29, 2003
    ScorpionKing, Nov 18, 2003
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