Anyone tried the Snazzi* V DVD Pro Capture card with Componet (Y Cb Cr) input?

Discussion in 'Amateur Video Production' started by Ken Maltby, Dec 23, 2005.

  1. Ken Maltby

    Ken Maltby Guest

    For a PCI card at the $150 price point, it sounds really good.
    I haven't seen a component input card in that range before. It
    won't capture HDV though, but then all the products that do,
    require high speed Dual Processor workstations, anyway. It
    seems to have some other neat hardware features also.

    I like the V-One Multimedia capture program that comes with
    it (I use Movie Mill with my current card.) The rest of the bundle
    is not so impressive. They have some much more interesting
    software bundles with their "Professional" gear. But the capture
    program is the only one you need to work great with your
    hardware, the rest can be replaced with ones you like better.

    I don't know what chips they are using with this card. It does
    sound like they may be using a Philips SAA7xxxH chip on the
    front end though, based on the specifications listed. At one
    time they used the Kfir-II chip for their encoder, but then they
    switched to a Conexant, like the rest of the card makers, when
    TiVo bought out the Kfir-II production for their "Series 2" box.
    I don't know what Snazzi*'s "5th Generation" hardware encoder
    chip is, so it's hard to get any real idea of it's performance ahead
    of time.

    Any experience with this card and/or info on the chips used;
    would be greatly appreciated. Snazzi* V DVD Pro

    Ken Maltby, Dec 23, 2005
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