Anyone use a Panasonic AG-DVX100?

Discussion in 'Professional Video Production' started by Unknown, Feb 2, 2005.

  1. Unknown

    Unknown Guest

    After a *lot* of research, I just bought a used (55 hours on the heads)
    DVX100 and have spent the day experimenting with it. I have to say that
    thus far, it has been impressive. Does anyone here have experience with
    this camera, and if so, do you have any comments, positive or
    negative...things I should know, etc.?
    Unknown, Feb 2, 2005
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  2. In regards to the excellent audio you need to know this:

    The DVX100 audio meter, in contrast to most other meters, begins the "red
    zone" at -12dB. Thus, by avoiding any indications in the red zone, you'll
    have low audio levels.

    Just about every miniDV camera uses -12 dBFS as the reference. With your
    zero VU there, this camera has 72 dB s/n from a line-level input... which
    is actually pretty good for a miniDV. If you use -20 dBFS as a reference,
    you not only lose 8 dB more s/n, but editorial freaks since they can
    hardly see the waveforms in Premiere or Final Cut.-20 dBFS is a lovely
    reference in the pro world, but miniDV (which I guess
    more "pro" shoots are turning to) doesn't have the s/n to support it.


    Everything up to the '+' is white; after that, red;
    '+' is -12dB, '|' (or maybe the one before) is 0dB.

    ALC prevents the signal from ever going more than 4 bars above the '+'.

    You should get undistorted sound at least that far; in fact, it should be
    fine as long as the '|' is never hit. Many people at DVXUser report good
    results when audio peaks reach the last '-' or two before the '|'

    If you look at the audio level meters there should be a white blotch
    that is larger than the the rest of the white marks. This white
    blotch is -12dbfs. If you press the user 1 button on the camera, it
    will put up color bars. Each white square on the meters stands for
    2db, so if you count down from the large white blotch you will find
    that 1 mark past the white contrast bar = -20dbfs. That is where you
    want to set your tone. If you prefer -18dbfs than set tone 2 notches
    past the white contrast bar. It is ok to go into the red on the
    meters as it is the same as the digital scale. For some reason,
    Panasonic put there reference mark on the scale at -12.

    And be sure to use the gama controls. that more than the frame rate will
    give you a "film Look". Also light and your image will be wonderful.
    R. Michael Walker, Feb 3, 2005
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  3. Unknown

    doc Guest

    great information R. Michael. you sound quite UP on the subject of the
    DVX100 and wondered if you've heard of the white balance being unstable in
    this camera? one feller posted that in the studio the white balance shifted
    off when panning. thoughts/issue?

    also, since you apprear to be really UP on the cam, how would you compare
    the 100A to the Sony Z1U (which btw i've heard has a lower quality audio
    than the 100A but i do not know that for sure)?

    thanks in advance.

    doc, Sep 20, 2005
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