Apple gives a new meaning to solid state.

Discussion in 'Digital Cameras' started by Eric Stevens, Oct 26, 2013.

  1. Actually, I just checked the most common iMac configuration, and it's
    $25 per gig. It's high-ish; always has been. But not a deal-breaker.
    Yes, it would be nice if the computers were more configurable, but
    given the target market, again not a deal breaker.

    Some time ago, I set out to buy or configure a Windows computer the
    equivalent in quality and configuration of the "expensive" $2500
    MacPro. I quickly discovered it wasn't possible. Even as simple as the
    case simply couldn't be purchased at any price. Internal components
    were easier, but to duplicate the same features made the price really
    ratchet up. When I was done... I'd spent the $2500. Adding software to
    match the bundled stuff from Apple would have pushed it well past.

    In laptops, I have a small but steady stream of customers who purchase
    MacBook Pro's and run Windows on them. They need some piece of
    Windows-specific software, but want the build quality and performance
    of the Apple product. And, using software supplied by Apple, they can
    dual-boot: Hold down a key to select which OS you want to boot. Best of
    both worlds!
    Scott Schuckert, Nov 16, 2013
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