Archive DV data and other questions

Discussion in 'Amateur Video Production' started by Homer, Sep 10, 2003.

  1. Homer

    Homer Guest

    (Im learning a lot, but still have a lot to learn).

    I have seen these questions many times before but not quite exactly as I
    am going to ask it.

    Here is my scenerio.
    My system is a:
    p4 2Ghz
    512mb ram
    windows XP SP1+
    sony trv350 connected to firewire
    vcr connected to trv350.
    Sony 510a dvd burner

    I have 4 hours of VHS tape, about 30 hours of 8MM, and about 10 of Hi8.
    I am transfering them to my PC via my Sony TRV350 passthrough to the
    firewire. They are being captured by Movie Factory 2 in DV format. And
    I use MF2 to trim small scctions out of the clips and to author the
    DVD. This works ok, but there are some Menu audio issues with MF2,
    otherwise it seems ok.

    These tapes are full of short home movie clips. The first hour I did I
    captured each clip as a separate file. Gave me about 30 clips.

    Here are my questions:
    1) Should I really be capturing each clip is a different file, or should
    I just capture 1 large file. Advantages/disadvantages?

    2) Is MF2 really installing inferior codecs and screwing up my Media Player?

    3) MF2 took about 3-4 hours to render and burn 1 a 1 hour and 16 minute
    DVD. Is this about right? Is there faster? I heard about TMpegEnc,
    but I have heard that is slow (compated to what?). Is it faster tham
    MF2? I heard it has audio issues-- is this true? How about CCE BASIC?
    I heard CCE is FAST, but is that the $2000 CCE or is the Basic just as

    I'd like to use TMpegAuthor as the menu creator, but then I would need
    an Mpeg encoder too-- MF2 does not create the MPegs.

    4) I want to archive my data for future use. I know Mpeg2 is not really
    a good archive format. I would like to save the DV data. however, that
    would be abot 5 DVDs per hour. Most people say to just archive back to
    Digital tape. My Sony is a Digital8. Is that decent enough for
    archival? What about 'tape rot'. I read tapes only have about 10 year
    life span. My VHS tapes I am transfering from right now are about 15
    years-- which is why I am wanting to get the data off them.

    If tape is the best format to arcive with, how should I get it there? I
    could just play the VHS tape and record on the D8, or I could send the
    DV files on my pc to the camera via the firewire-- however I don't know
    how to do that, as MF2 does not support that (I think).

    Also, if tapes are the best media to archive on, should I just keep the
    VHS and others? Do I even need to make D8 backups?

    Thanks for any help/advice. I'm having TONS of fun, but it does get
    overwhelimg and frusterating at times too. Thank goodness for this
    group and

    Homer, Sep 10, 2003
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  2. Homer

    Sanman Guest

    Answers to SOME of your questions:
    I would capture one file, that way it will continuously play in your DVD
    player without stopping. There is no advantage to capturing to many small
    clips. One clip with chapter points set will do the job.
    The Digital8 format is dying out so I don't think it would be a good archive
    format. It's not that mpeg2 is not good, in fact it is quite good. I
    archive all of my home video to DVD at 8Mbps data rate and they look
    fantastic, even good enough to re-use in the future. Like you, I too have a
    D8 camera and therefore can't use that to archive due to the dying format.
    Unless you plan on having your D8 camera around for ever, the tapes will be
    useless. This is a hard one, really. Ta hell with it, the DVDs I do up
    look great and that's a format that will be around for a long while since it
    is well established in everyone's home, just like CDs, which are over 20
    years old and still going strong. There will never be a "forever" format.
    You just have to preserve your videos the best you can with what you've got
    and be prepared to transfer them to a new, popular medium every decade or

    Backing up on tape only buys you time. Any medium only buys you time. Tape
    degrades over time but digital tape recorded in SP mode will still play
    quite well years later due to it's digital nature, and the error correction
    that goes into lifting it back off the tape again, even if the recorded
    signal is weaker than before. It is, however, interesting to note that even
    D8 and DVD tapes are still recorded with an analogue signal on the tape.
    The information recorded is digital, but the signal it's wrapped in for
    recording is still an analogue wave form suited for magnetic helical
    recording. DV tape seems to be the best right now for archiving, since it
    seems well established,, but so was VHS, and 8mm at one time (!). Nothing
    is safe. Be prepared to transfer from format to format a few times during
    your lifetime, and leave instructions for those left with the stuff when
    you're gone. That's just the way of it.

    I hear ya on that whole comment. Very well indeed.

    Sanman, Sep 10, 2003
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