Archos with Bullet cam suitable for recording Snowboard and Mountainbike movies ????

Discussion in 'Video Cameras' started by cbeham, Sep 14, 2007.

  1. cbeham

    cbeham Guest

    hello folks!!!

    i bought myself a video recording machine ;)
    existing of a archos av500 with a external sony 520 line CCD bullet
    cam in a shockproof peli-case box.

    foam material is inside the case for protecting the archos.

    i think there is no problem to record snowboard movies because the
    snow is very soft and the power of jumps will be absorbed very well!??

    but whats about mountainbiking??
    the trail will be very uncomfortably and so the harddisk could take
    damage?? what about little jumps?
    as i said the archos is fitted in foam in a box and further on placed
    in the backbag.

    could anyone give me tips and a plausibly explaination for this
    what would u say?

    shoul i buy another DVR with SD-card for the bike movies? if so what
    would u recommand me?
    cheap and good quality like the archos....

    thanks alot friends
    cu chris
    cbeham, Sep 14, 2007
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  2. cbeham

    RobDee Guest

    I use an identical set up as yourself. But I put the AV500 in a handlebar
    bag with LOADS of padding - or if using the bullet cam on a headstrap, I
    keep the Archos in my pocket. Again - plenty of padding. This set up is
    infinitely better for quality than any SD card setup I've seen. Never
    managed to break one recently since I've been using my current setup. They
    can break surprisingly easily though - just a small drop onto a solid
    surface and your AV500 will probably be rendered useless. It's no good
    trying to simply replace the Hard Drive either - do a search and you'll find
    everyone's up in arms over Archos fixing these units so you cannot swap the
    HD when it fails (in my experience it is the HD that will suffer in a drop -
    even more so than the screen - never managed to break one of those yet).
    Archos are, it seems like Sony, briliant hardware with great potential but
    ruined by stupid corporate decisions. Hence while Sony pissed about
    restricting users of Minidisc with their archaic decisions preventing you
    from even uploading a soundtrack you had recorded yourself, MP3 players
    wiped the floor with them despite their totally crappy sound quality -
    simply because they didnt have the restrictions. Archos could increase their
    sales dramatically if they removed the block on the hard drives. I have 3
    units here waiting for someone to hack the firmware so I can get some use
    out of them once again without paying Archos a small fortune for a standard
    laptop hard drive.

    Good luck with your filming.

    RobDee, Sep 15, 2007
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  3. cbeham

    cbeham Guest

    hello rob!

    i will post a few pictures tomorrow from the case and the setup..
    cu chris
    cbeham, Sep 16, 2007
  4. cbeham

    :Jerry: Guest

    NOT here I hope...
    :Jerry:, Sep 16, 2007
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