Audio lost during Video capture with Compro Videomate PCI Card

Discussion in 'Amateur Video Production' started by p jayant, Apr 6, 2007.

  1. p jayant

    p jayant Guest

    Audio lost during Video capture

    My Computer System: Pentium 4 Motherboard, Windows XP, NVIDIA Display
    card, Yamaha PCI Sound card with C-Net drivers and Compro VideoMate
    video card. All uptodate drivers.

    With the standard inter-connects of
    1) RCA Video-out from TV/VCR to Video-In of the Videomate card
    2) RCA audio-out (left and right) from TV/VCR to stereo pin into the
    Audio-in of the Videomate card
    3) Audio-out from the VideoMate card to Line-in of the Sound card and
    4) Line-out from Sound card to speakers
    There is no audio in the recording made during video capture. But if I
    put the stereo pin of the audio connector from TV/VCR into the Rear
    speakers socket or the Microphone socket of the Sound card, audio is
    recorded during video capture. It however creates a non-stop nuisance
    of babbling of the TV or VCR program, even on the top of an mpeg video
    file or DVD one may be watching with ComproDVD 2 of the VideoMate card
    or Nero or PowerDVD or working on a document or spreadsheet.
    Since this is totally unheard of in conventional wisdom, I checked the
    options in ComproPVR and found that the Video Device is correctly
    recognized by it but the audio device box is blank. Could the failure
    of the Video recording system to recognize the Sound card be the
    source of trouble? If so, how does one overcome it? Or is there likely
    to be any other fault?

    P. Jayant
    p jayant, Apr 6, 2007
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  2. "p jayant" wrote ...
    Is that the recommended configuration by Compro?
    Has it never worked? Or did it work at some point?
    What does Compro say about the problem?
    But you *can* hear audio when you play other video?
    Sounds like a configuration problem with the Compro gadget.

    This is a rather unconventional setup and you really need the
    help of either the vendor or other people who use that particular
    piece of equipment. Have you done Google web and newsgroup
    search for your problem? Perhaps there is an online forum
    somewhere that specializes in this equipmenet.
    Richard Crowley, Apr 6, 2007
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  3. p jayant

    Fishface Guest

    I have a Compro Videomate TV Gold+.
    One day, the audio stopped functioning.
    This was using the onboard tuner. When
    I installed it in another comuter, it worked.

    You might try uninstalling the card and the
    drivers and reinstalling them.
    Fishface, Apr 7, 2007
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