audio not in sync on finished DVD

Discussion in 'Amateur Video Production' started by derekjh, Mar 8, 2006.

  1. derekjh

    derekjh Guest

    one hour video to avi, thru pinnacle 9 plus to mpeg is great, but
    when I make a dvd using either Pinnacle or Roxio DVD builder - the
    audio begins slipping at 14 minutes and slowly gets out of sync as the
    audio drags.

    should I be breaking up the long file into chapters?

    system = win XP sp2, dual gateway.
    acquisition = panasonic AG7750 to Sony DSR11
    input = firewire to Pinnacle 9 plus
    edit in Pinnacle studio9 to mpg ( for storage )
    add mpg bumpers (intro/outro) onto each end & save as mpg
    burn in roxio dvd builder
    audio drags on a standard sony dvd deck.

    also burned to disk using pinnacle and audio dragged there too.

    Is this the result of not using AC3 encoding on the audio in making the
    derekjh, Mar 8, 2006
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  2. derekjh

    JimK Guest

    Could be FPS of source set to wrong source framerate
    JimK, Mar 9, 2006
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  3. derekjh

    Mark Burns Guest

    If the mpeg plays fine on the PC, but is out-of-sync on the DVD, then
    the problem is probably dropped frames somewhere in the capture to
    creation of the mpeg.

    Try VideoRedo "Quick Fix" on the mpeg created by P9. Then author it
    into a DVD. VRO will report the number of audio/video frames that were
    fixed. VRO ($50) is available with a 30-day trial. I purchased after
    14 days. Great product, great support.

    The reason that an mpeg with dropped frames will play fine but the DVD
    doesn't is because the mpeg contains time stamps. The mpeg player on
    the pc can resync the audio to video according to those stamps. But,
    when we demux and remux the elemental streams into either a VOB or
    another MPG envelope these timestamps are lost and the result is
    progressively, or in some cases immediately, out of sync. VRO is the
    only program, either payware or freeware, that will properly fix this
    situation to my knowledge.

    I also suggest using an authoring package such as TmpgEnc DVD Author
    ($50) or DvdLab Pro($100-200) that does NOT reencode just to ensure no
    additional monkying with the file. Both are better authoring packages,
    imho. I generally burn and verify with DvdDecrypter or ImgBurn (same
    author), both free and available from

    Mark Burns, Mar 9, 2006
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