Audio Sync Problem

Discussion in 'Video Cameras' started by naza, Jun 17, 2008.

  1. naza

    naza Guest

    I thought that I would have a go at getting my old VHS tapes onto PC
    then to DVD. Hooke up my VCR and everything and go virtual dub to
    capture the file. 1hr of capture and everything looked fine. So I
    decided to play what I had. The video seems to be faster with the loss
    of 10 mins and the audio runs at half speed, giving a robotic sound.
    AVI chunk view comes up saying the the file need re-interleaving, but
    how do I do this. It looks like the file has not been ended correctly
    although I am sure I stopped the capture using the correct buttons.
    The Original capture was and xvid video and ABR Mp3 audio stream(I
    know should not have used ABR).

    How do I sort this out. I dont want to spent more time re-capturing
    the same video.
    naza, Jun 17, 2008
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  2. naza

    naza Guest

    A little update, I have managed to get the streams into sync by
    reducing the frame rate, and then when I pay it in Media Player
    classic at a play rate of 2 it works fine. Now I need a way to
    increase the frame rate of video file along with the audio?

    Any Ideas?
    naza, Jun 17, 2008
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  3. naza

    :Jerry: Guest

    Crap in = crap out, no mater what you do you are fighting the original
    problem and thus the final results will always be a compromise.

    What device did you use to capture the analogue video with and what
    frame rate (are you in PAL land or NTSC?) is the original VHS tape,
    what was the frame rate set at in the capture device, and Virtualdub?
    :Jerry:, Jun 21, 2008
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