Aug AusPhotographers Competition

Discussion in 'Australia Photography' started by, Sep 1, 2003.


    The results for the comp are up, with Jason Milligan winning the judging
    section. Congratulations to all who entered the quality of pictures are

    The next competition opens on the 1st September and the subject is "FOOD".

    I also wish to issue an apology to those who missed out on entering the
    August comp, this was very unfortunate and entirely my fault. If you wish
    an explaination, click on the discussion link on the above page.
, Sep 1, 2003
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    woodsie Guest

    not taking anything away from the winner, but IMHO, some of the others
    were far more interesting shots.
    woodsie, Sep 1, 2003
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    Miro Guest

    I was thinking the same ..... but it must have been close.
    Miro, Sep 1, 2003

    VH-ADG Guest

    There is a link on the bottom of the page to forums where the
    merits/otherwise of the shots can be discussed.

    I used to have three judges for each comp and I can't think of a single comp
    when all three judges chose the same picture. I am really glad I don't
    have to judge the pictures :eek:)
    VH-ADG, Sep 1, 2003

    woodsie Guest

    i'll judge the next one if u like ;)
    woodsie, Sep 1, 2003

    VH-ADG Guest

    Might take you up on that ... you any sort of expert on food? :eek:)

    (flip me an email ... ausp AT warbirdz DOT net)
    VH-ADG, Sep 1, 2003
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