AusPhotographers Comp - August

Discussion in 'Australia Photography' started by, Aug 11, 2003.

  1., Aug 11, 2003
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    snaps! Guest

    This comp is as bad as the "digital of the day" comp for Ralph Rotten rules
    seemingly made up on the fly. The only thing I can see it's got going for it
    is you can submit scans from film. Other than that it has a set of rules
    with wide open and unspecified conditions. Where in hell does a person
    discover the "Timeframe" limitation for having taken the photo, if not in
    the "rules of the competition"?

    snaps!, Aug 11, 2003
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  3. I received many compliments for keeping my cool with your last comments
    about ADPOTD.... but this time I don't think I will get any.

    With that said....

    Why don't you just pull your head in, you grumpy old bastard!!! If you
    don't like any of the comps on offer, DON'T ENTER!!!! Or better yet....
    why not make one of your own?

    Have a nice day :)

    Russell Stewart
    Australian RALPH ROTTEN RULES Photo Of The Day.
    AU Digital Photo Of The Day, Aug 11, 2003

    snaps! Guest

    Oh... calm down Russell.

    Any invitation to the public to compete on rules which can be made up as the
    promoter goes along or thinks up as they go... Are IMO Ralph Rotten rules.

    You have a right (I will defend vigorously) to invent a competition and
    launch it on the public.
    I have the same rights as you but I choose to exercise mine to question your
    rules and conditions of entry of that competition which could adversely
    affect an entry of mine. I have NOT criticized the competition itself which
    I think is a good idea.

    The only thing I have to say about your competition in itself is,
    I don't have anything to say about your ethics.
    I don't have anything to say about your endeavour to promote photography.
    I don't have anything to say about your own photography.
    I am not personally attacking you, either.

    If you "lose your cool" attempting to somehow prevent me from exercising my
    right to question the rules of a competition open to the public and lower
    yourself to personal insults in an effort to somehow make your cause
    stronger than mine, for inventing rules which could be used to cancel out an
    entry I might make in a competition, then I will begin to question some of
    the areas mentioned above. If you don't like that, change the areas I
    disagree with or at least get some public input into them or, better still,
    get a lawyer to draft them.

    Perhaps a new newsgroup would be in order for those who feel the freedom to
    challenge that which we disagree with ought to be curtailed? How would that
    suit you, Russell? Instead of getting rattled by my comments... Why not do
    something positive about them?

    Even you would surely agree that to have "competition rules" which say:
    "Images must be taken within the time frame set for the competition" and not
    tell anyone what that time frame is, is ambiguous in the extreme... Or do
    you think this is OK too? What about images I took last year, would they
    accept them and when it comes time to 'audit' or 'judge' the pictures,
    cancel mine because it wasn't taken earlier or later than this un-disclosed
    time frame? Do you think that's fair too?

    Congratulation on a good effort at producing a website we all go and look
    at. Just because I do and gain some entertainment - even knowledge, is no
    reason to agree with your selection of yourself (or anyone else) as judges.
    I think the warbirds site is splendid too and yes, I enjoy looking at the
    pictures published in their competition but this does not automatically
    qualify for muzzling me from criticising what I see as "Ralph Rotten rules".

    I'd like to give you some bushman's advise now Russell:
    "If you take your head out of your arse for long enough, you'll discover
    it's not the sunglasses that made you take a dim view of other people's
    attitudes at all".
    Courtesy of the late Wally Barr, RIP.


    snaps!, Aug 11, 2003
  5. Why should I? After you last batch of "sour grapes" you come out with "This
    comp is as bad as the "digital of the day" comp for Ralph Rotten rules
    seemingly made up on the fly."

    There is nothing "made up on the fly" about my rules, at the beginning of
    each comp they are there for the world to see. I can only assume that you
    still have a dummy to spit due to the fact that it is for digital images
    Name me one competition where the rules are not "made up" by the
    promoter.... my competitions are run monthly and each every month is a
    different competition, so I am quite within my rights to change the rules
    for each competition.... not that this happens, but it simply may be
    required from time to time.
    I agree, you do have that right.... however, have you EVER "questioned" my
    rules? I cannot remember a single instance when you have contacted me to
    "question" my rules.... I can however remember times that you have attacked
    my rules in open forum.... this is not "questioning", this is being a
    "grumpy old bastard" as I have previously stated.

    In the very beginning of my comp, quite a few people did contact me with
    questions & suggestions about the way the competition should be run, these
    comments were treated as constructive criticism and implemented where
    possible... this is how I feel things "should" be done.
    I beg your pardon? ....."This comp is as bad as the "digital of the day"
    comp for Ralph Rotten rules
    seemingly made up on the fly" If this is not having a go at my comp I
    don't know what is!
    Thanks.... so do I.
    However in the past you have inferred that I deceive people..... I think
    that has a pretty good shot at my ethics???
    What did you say in your earlier posts??? Something like... "Surely not
    Russell Stewart", that's not a personal attack is it???
    As previously stated, you have the right to question, it is the manner by
    which you do it that is the problem.
    I'm sorry, I did not realise that you have a monopoly on personal insults?
    (ie "Surely not Russell Stewart" and the inference that I have my "head up
    my arse")

    My cause is as strong as it needs to be, as has been discussed before, I am
    quite within my rights to run my comp however I please.
    It's a digital comp!! Plain and simple..... NO FILM ALLOWED.... if you have
    a problem with that so be it!
    Oh good grief!'s not me that doesn't like something.
    There is nothing to do! My rules are there, the comp is DIGITAL!
    From the VERY FIRST PAGE!!!!!.....

    "Topic: Night
    Opening Date: 1st August 2003
    Closing Date: 22nd August 2003 (Australian Eastern Standard Time)"

    Perhaps you should have read the site better? Perhaps a quick email to the
    comp organiser would have pointed out the above..... but NOOOOOOOOOOOO, you
    went right on and had a dummy spit in a public forum!!
    I have pointed out the time frame issue..... re cancellation of an entry....
    yep that's fair as the rules of entry are clear and should you fail to meat
    these rules you are NOT eligible to enter!
    Thank you.

    Once again... you are welcome to disagree, however I am well within my

    Nobody has ever been "muzzled" you are welcome to question and make
    suggestions, but this you do NOT do, instead you attack in a public forum!
    I would be more than happy to answer questions or consider suggestions made
    via personal contact OR public forum, but attacks such as yours are not the
    way to do it.
    It's my head and I will stick it where I want..... but really, with an
    attitude such as your's do you really expect anyone to take a view that is
    anything other than dim?
    AU Digital Photo Of The Day, Aug 11, 2003

    snaps! Guest

    Are you one of the ones described in your signature?

    Paragraph 5 = Images must be taken within the time frame set for the

    Nowhere else on the site can I find that time frame described.

    snaps!, Aug 11, 2003

    snaps! Guest

    It's just occurred to me that Russell thinks I was insulting him by telling
    him old Wally Barr's description of me when he discovered I'd set up a darts
    competition with Ralph rotten rules. Ha! I wish I was so inventive as that
    old bloke.

    Tell me Russell; Is an image, a .JPG image at that, a digital image?
    According to the American Photographers Guild it is.
    If I scan a picture from a film camera it becomes a digital image.
    What are you trying to do? Invent alternative descriptions?

    Tell me also Russell; Have you been soliciting entries for your competition
    in a *public forum* or is it just me who responding to a 'phantom posting'
    in a *public forum* that's got you going. If you ask the public to
    participate, do you want them to also agree not to tell anybody else if they
    don't like your rules?

    You offered up Lutzie as the judge one month and then the gallery he moved
    all his wedding business to as the judge, the next month. I already
    apologised to you for questioning your ethics on the basis that it's MARK
    Lutz's work on show so I gave you the benefit of the doubt and offered an
    apology on that basis. Nothing else, I might add.

    If I put enough people in my kill file, I should end up with posts from
    photographers posting about photography. Wow... all about photos.
    Now that would be something.

    snaps!, Aug 11, 2003
  8. Congratulations dipshit, you've managed to make Miro look intelligent,

    Hey settle down!
    Biggus The Greatest......, Aug 11, 2003

    ChrisMc Guest

    Really ?? .. it took me about 2 seconds to read all photos must be
    taken between Aug 1 and Aug 22
    ChrisMc, Aug 11, 2003

    Lionel Guest
    August 03 Competition
    Topic: Night
    Closing Date: 22nd August 2003 (Australian Eastern Standard Time)
    Judges: TBA
    First three places in the "Peoples Choice Section" receive an electronic
    certificate of achievement

    Competition closes at midnight 22 August 2003
    Pictures must be taken between 1st August 2003 and the 22nd August 2003
    Lionel, Aug 11, 2003

    Lionel Guest

    Okay, you've got me there. How about "make Miro look somewhat less like
    a retarded snail"?
    Lionel, Aug 11, 2003
  12. Congratulations dipshit, you've managed to make Miro look intelligent,
    well-informed & well-mannered.
    Thomas Houseman, Aug 11, 2003

    Brenton Guest

    Dare I say it...
    | |
    | CAUTION! |
    | DO NOT FEED |
    | THE TROLL |
    | |
    | |
    | |
    \ | |() /
    ___\___\| |/_/_/__
    Brenton, Aug 11, 2003

    Valar Guest

    Snaps! dont waste your breath, it's his game so he makes the call, all we
    film shooters can do is make up the EXIF info and enter our best MF or LF
    photos with quality that stand out from the digicam images. Then once you've
    received the prize, drop the bombshell and see what these digital purest
    have to say about that, they seem to be forgetting it's the photo that
    counts, not whether it's shot on CMOS or silver.

    Valar, Aug 11, 2003
  15. So what's the problem,

    1) you couldn't find the rules
    2) you just don't like them?

    I think its #2....
    Biggus The Greatest......, Aug 11, 2003
  16. LMAO!
    Biggus The Greatest......, Aug 11, 2003
  17. I would have thought this clear?

    you will need large amounts of panadine forte before you get your
    point across..
    Biggus The Greatest......, Aug 11, 2003

    Wiz Guest

    Agree with that I look forward to some real stuff - that's think and
    shoot stuff - film, and what you can do.

    Why do so many put up with digital I'm not sure.

    Wiz, Aug 11, 2003

    Lionel Guest

    Well, I think the point is that there are heaps of 'film-only' photo
    comp's already, but there are very few 'digital-only' comp's.
    Lionel, Aug 12, 2003

    snaps! Guest

    That's what makes you so different from me, Lionel.
    I think your signature is highly offensive but I haven't said so before
    because I'm a little more tolerant of people with widely differing personal
    attitudes than you seem to be. Don't carry a shotgun in the boot, do you?
    Maybe have a few "redneck" comments about immigration as well as people with
    an opinion different from yours?

    snaps!, Aug 12, 2003
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