Auto Travel across the USA

Discussion in 'Digital SLR' started by piotrekwas, May 12, 2009.

  1. piotrekwas

    piotrekwas Guest

    piotrekwas, May 12, 2009
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  2. piotrekwas

    Bruce Guest

    Not only some interesting travel photography, but some exceptional
    wedding and social photography. Thanks for posting. ;-)
    Bruce, May 13, 2009
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  3. VERY nice photos, with some the nicest I've seen of areas I'm very
    familiar with (although some are near duplicates, there may be an excess
    of photos of you two [but they are sometimes also useful for scale] and
    the car, and Flash may not be ideal...), and you got to many places others
    often miss, like some of my favorites, the Black Canyon of the Gunnison,
    Goosenecks, Canyon de Chelley, the slot canyons, and some of the high
    areas in Zion. It was amusing to see an "aerial" of that lonely bed and
    breakfast in the Valley of the Gods (and I hope you did not have any
    near misses on the narrow switch-back dirt road that climbs that high
    cliff, used by tractor-trailer trucks!!!). Without captions, one could not
    tell that those scrubby looking shrub-like things were some of the oldest
    trees on earth. Great weather, too (in spring?), during your trip in the
    South West. Thanks for the excellent photos!

    As for the list of locations for your next trip, these are my favorites:

    2. Yellowstone National Park (Wyoming).
    4. Glacier National Park (Montana).
    6. Mt. Rainier National Park (Washington).
    Maybe my favorite national park, but watch out - it is *very*
    easy to get into trouble here!!! (We once did, taking an "innocent"
    short walk...)
    9. Mt. St. Helens National Volcanic (Washington).
    11. Redwood National Park (California). (See also the
    related state parks and the Rochefeller Woods, especially.)
    13. San Francisco City (California). (Ride the cable cars in the
    evening - WOW! ;-) Also, walk Grant St. from Market St.
    to the water at the north - it passes through several *interesting*
    neighborhoods. From Grant on the way, detour toward Coit
    Tower, take mysterious "hole-in-the-sidewalk" streets that
    go off VERY interestingly over cliffs and through hidden
    gardens down the hill to the east.) If you can take the time, take
    route 1 south from San Francisco to see some beautiful coastline
    (the "good stuff" starts just south of Monterey, where Pt. Lobos,
    Edward Weston's hang out was). Start in the hills south of SF on
    Skyline Drive past the reservoirs, though (there are neat rolling hills
    with golden grass and redwood groves here and there). Driving
    across the Golden Gate bridge is also a "hoot", especially with a
    sun roof so you can look up. Stop at the overlook at the north end,
    which has a great view of the bridge and city (after a very short drive).
    25. Niagara Falls (The view from the Canadian side is best, but
    there is not much of interest in the city. Consider the Cave of the
    Winds and Maid of the Mist tours - but you WILL get WET!
    Be careful of passports - travel across the border isn't as casual
    as it once was, darn! Close to the Falls area on the Canadian side
    is an interesting butterfly conservatory.)

    BTW, it looks like you may go near Ithaca, New York on the route map.
    There are some wonders here (Taughannock Falls, the highest free falls in
    the E. US, Buttermilk Falls Park glen, upper Treman Park trail, and the nearby
    Watkins Glen Park in the city of Watkins Glen - a favorite narrow winding
    glen with many waterfalls, two of which you walk behind). BTW, if you
    were not going to Niagara Falls (but do! ;-), I would suggest crossing the
    south-western half of New York and then into Pennsylvania on the main
    highway there - it is bee-yoo-ti-ful, with nothing but rolling hills, forests,
    lakes, streams, meadows (but by August, it may not be at its best unless we
    have a wet spring and early summer...). If you do travel up along Lake Ontario
    to Rochester (more fun than the Throughway), try the local (ripe) peaches if in
    season, sold at farmers' stands. You will then know what a peach SHOULD
    taste like! ;-) If you do hit Ithaca, maybe I can show you around here. Oh,
    and for parts of the trip in the SW and South, I do trust you will have operating
    air conditioning in the car (you WILL need it!!!).

    Sigh...! Have fun!
    --DR ()
    David Ruether, May 13, 2009
  4. piotrekwas

    piotrekwas Guest

    Thank You for Your words:)
    piotrekwas, May 14, 2009
  5. piotrekwas

    piotrekwas Guest

    Thank You Frank:)
    piotrekwas, May 15, 2009
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