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Discussion in 'Amateur Video Production' started by Torsten, Feb 12, 2007.

  1. Torsten

    Torsten Guest


    I have some AVI clips that were taken with a Canon digital camera at
    "VGA" resolution (640*480) but at 15 fps. They play just right as they
    are in RealPlayer or Windows Media Player, but if I try to use them in
    a Pinnacle Studio 10.5 project, Studio insists on believing they're 30
    fps and plays them at double speed.

    Yes, I see in the archives that Pinnacle is not held in very high
    esteem by many on this group, but it is what I have right now so I'll
    have to try to work around its limitations. I'm certainly not trolling
    for a flamewar.The only other option I have is ArcSoft's
    VideoImpression (1.7) which came with the Canon camera and that's even
    worse! VideoImpression is an absolute disaster and anything I produce
    in there seems to get downsized to 320*240 internally. Then, if I say
    I want 640*480, it gets scaled up again, looking absolutely horrible.
    Maybe it's a restricted version, as I got it "free" with the Canon

    Is there any way I can either a) make Studio understand the clips are
    really 15 fps and treat them right (best option, of course) or b)
    convert them into something Studio understands (like MPEG) but without
    too much loss? A set of Perl libraries to manipulate the clip files
    would be optimal, as that would make it possible for me to script a
    batch to locate and process them all. But I'll listen to any

    Torsten, Feb 12, 2007
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  2. Torsten

    Torsten Guest

    OK, so it's generally poor form to reply to one's own question, but no-
    one else did and I've found an answer, so...

    A bit of Google-searching led me to "avidemux", an open-source utility
    that seems to do the job pretty well. The GUI isn't the best but it
    works and THERE'S A COMMAND-LINE INTERFACE so I can script the
    conversion of all my files and don't have to tweak them one-by-one!

    Torsten, Feb 13, 2007
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