AVI export to DV via firewire - s/ware recommendations?

Discussion in 'Professional Video Production' started by Paul Marshall, Nov 11, 2003.

  1. Hey again guys,

    I'm still struggling with glitchy playing of AVI files in Premier 6 (see
    original posting pasted below sig). I've had my task manager on the ball
    and from as far as I can tell by observing and reading the stats, the
    problem seems to arise from within Premiere itself making demands on the CPU
    which stop it from playing the file smoothly, it's persistent from project
    to project but not consistent regarding its frequency or position.

    I really need to be able to get a couple of large-ish AVI files off my PC to
    the cam to run off VHS copies and I'm thinking of going around the problem
    for now rather than thru it.

    My new question is regarding any alternative (free/downloadable/shareware)
    programme which will permit me to play an AVI and record the result into my
    DV via firewire. I only need the one function until I get Premiere ironed
    out and I can't afford to invest in expensive new software right now, so
    free/shareware would be awesome.

    Thanks for any replies. I've picked up lots of useful info on other issues
    from the group so far, thank you all.

    Paul Marshall
    Portfolio Sound Artist

    Frame Drummer Group FDG Double CD now available

    NI Facilitator for the Da Capo Foundation

    Hey all.

    I have compiled a number of short video files in Premier 6, they export fine
    to wmv, rm and AVI. The problem arises in normal playback and also happens
    when I want to export back to tape (manual or PC controlled Cam).

    The files seem to get so far (3-10 mins, it's not consistent) into the
    presentation and then they 'glitch' (not a very technical term I know :) the
    glitch usually takes the form of a stall of say 2 -10 frames and then a
    catch-up, however it occasionally seems to act like it is in 'fast preview'
    mode and could forward a few seconds or minutes or right to the end of the
    workspace, this can happen anywhere from 0 times to 10 in a 10 min piece.
    The glitches do not happen in the same place which removes the clips as a
    problem source and there does not appear to be any specific pattern or
    rhythm to their occurrence. I played a large file yesterday (2gb AVI) with
    my CPU usage monitor on screen, when the vid was playing normally, the CPU
    usage remained in the range 25-35%, each glitch (8-10 glitches and 2 fast
    forwards) was accompanied by an increased CPU usage of >50% and occasionally
    up to 80%.

    It is a persistent but not consistent issue and seems to arise mainly on
    pieces of 5mins or longer in length although I have seen it on 1 minute
    pieces. I have my preview and original AVI files on a dedicated internal
    7200 D: AV drive (80mbs, 28mbs free), my project file is on my C:. I've
    defragged the AV drive and all appears to be hunky dory as far as I can
    tell. I've 500mb RAM onboard and the ram usage remained fairly constant
    throughout the glitches. I'm using an AMD 1800+ processor and running Win2k
    with all service packs applied

    It would appear that there is something running in the background that wants
    to eat up CPU cycles no matter what is running, and that is at the expense
    of my exporting or previewing these files, either that or I need to change
    some of the settings (I've been thru & checked all I can I can find). I
    should add that it originally worked just fine and this leads me to believe
    that I've added the problem later through some other software. I have had
    some material for a friend that I have needed to off load to VHS for maybe a
    year now, I'm brassed off with this problem and he's brassed off only being
    able to watch & distribute on WMV/RM. Every time I need to try to export, I
    start from a fresh re-boot with no other progs running, however I suspect
    it's a resident programme rather than one that'll show on my task bar. I
    have uninstalled any redundant or trial programmes

    Has anyone experienced any issues like this before, over the past couple of
    days I've been through recent posts on this list and some archive searching
    but I'm drawing a blank, hence the question to the group. If there are
    types of, or specific, progs or routines that are known to cause this type
    of interference or if I need virtual mem settings etc., I'd be grateful for
    any advice as to how to deal with them. I'm happy to have a separate boot
    sequence (although I have no idea how to do this)

    I need to ask for advice about formats for specific usages but that will be
    a separate post.

    Thanks in advance for any light that can be shed on this frustrating

    A great group, gotta love usenet!

    Regards & thanks


    p.s. if anyone's interested in the video it's at
    http://www.collide.org/newsite/www2.drumdojo.com/bollybliss2002_1_0.wmv (12
    minutes, 25mb wmv format, in 4:3 but final version in 16:9) I could spend
    another day on it and tighten up the editing & sync with imported footage,
    but time............

    Paul Marshall
    Portfolio Sound Artist
    Frame Drummer Group FDG Double CD now available
    NI Facilitator for the Da Capo Foundation
    Paul Marshall, Nov 11, 2003
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  2. Paul Marshall

    drifter Guest

    Freeware DVIO will allow to send and receive video for DV devices.
    drifter, Nov 11, 2003
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