Avid Announces the Avid Liquid Product Line (Formerly Pinnacle Liquid)

Discussion in 'Amateur Video Production' started by 4VideoEquipment, Nov 3, 2005.

  1. Company re-brands products from Pinnacle acquisition; introduces new
    version of flagship all-in-one video solution

    Tewksbury, MA - November 3, 2005 - Avid Technology, Inc. (NASDAQ :
    AVID) today announced the Avid Liquid(tm) product line, the company's
    new nonlinear editing software and hardware offerings for event
    videographers, government and corporate video producers, and high-end
    enthusiasts. Drawn from editing products formerly developed by Pinnacle
    Systems, the Avid Liquid family includes new versions (v.7.0) of the
    Avid Liquid and Avid Liquid Pro systems, both of which are packed with
    new features designed for users who want a single application for
    creation and delivery of tape, DVD and streaming media. The product
    line also includes new configurations and pricing for the Avid Liquid
    Chrome HD (v.6.1) family of solutions featuring advanced
    standard-definition (SD) and high-definition (HD) I/O hardware.

    "With Avid Liquid, we introduce the ideal product for people who want
    it all - editing, surround audio, DVD, titling, effects and more - and
    want it in one affordable application," said Dana Ruzicka, vice
    president, Postproduction Product Marketing, at Avid. "For them, Avid
    Liquid is the ideal solution: one easy-to-use application, one learning
    curve, without sacrificing power or performance."

    The Power of Avid for the Individual
    Avid Liquid builds on popular Liquid features, including native HDV
    editing, GPU-accelerated effects, background rendering, Dolby Digital
    5.1 surround audio with AC-3 encoding, DVD creation directly on the
    video editing timeline, and great value I/O hardware.

    New features of Avid Liquid v.7.0 software include:

    SmartSound integration - custom music creation directly inside the
    Avid Liquid application.

    New multimedia format support - native editing of popular codecs
    including WM9, DivX, and MPEG-4 for repurposing and output of content
    to the Internet.

    New effects - Real-time Timewarp, Stabilize, Dream Glow, and over 50
    plug-ins from the highly-regarded Commotion effects suite.

    Avid Open Timeline - native HD and SD editing on the same timeline in
    real time, without transcoding for fast, flexible editing regardless of

    Preview HDV in SD - for viewing HDV in SD on a client video monitor
    with Avid Liquid Pro.

    Availability and Pricing
    All products within the new Avid Liquid family run on Windows XP, and
    are expected to ship by November 22, 2005 and are available at
    4VideoEquipment.com by visiting their website or calling 973.244.0660.

    Product configurations and pricing include:

    Avid Liquid v.7.0 - Editing, audio, DVD creation, effects and more in
    one application for the DV and HDV enthusiast ($499 USMSRP). Existing
    Pinnacle Liquid Edition customers can upgrade to Avid Liquid for $199

    Avid Liquid Pro v.7.0 - Avid Liquid software with USB 2.0-enabled
    hardware for digital and analog capture and output, including surround
    audio monitoring ($999 USMSRP). Existing Pinnacle Liquid Edition Pro
    customers can upgrade to Avid Liquid Pro for $699 USMSRP.

    Avid Liquid Chrome HD Plus v. 6.1 - Avid Liquid software with SD SDI
    I/O ($4,995 USMSRP).

    Avid Liquid Chrome HD Deluxe v. 6.1 - Avid Liquid software with SD &
    HD-SDI I/O ($7,995 USMSRP).

    Avid Liquid Chrome HD Elite v. 6.1 - Avid Liquid software with the
    full complement of professional, broadcast grade digital and analog
    I/Os in both SD and HD ($11,995 USMSRP).

    take care,

    Henry T Kirk
    Account Manager
    4VideoEquipment.com - Your DV & HDV Warehouse

    Office 973.244.0660
    Fax 775.628.1922
    4VideoEquipment, Nov 3, 2005
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  2. 4VideoEquipment

    nappY Si Guest

    Surprising to see Avid associating
    with a company that sells garbage.

    Now, a new generation can discover
    the wonders of non-installs, constant
    crashes, and trashed work!
    nappY Si, Nov 4, 2005
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  3. 4VideoEquipment

    David McCall Guest


    I have a component Alladdin that I have been using
    in my linear suite for many years, and it still works
    just fine.

    Pinnacle bought Truevision, but I don't know if they
    screwed up that line. then they bought out Miro and
    started having real problems. Miro products and
    support were a total disaster long before Pinnacle
    bought them out, and it certainly didn't get any better
    once they were in control of Miro's product lines.
    For one thing I think they pretty much dropped support
    for anything that existed prior to the purchase.

    I think Liquid Edition came from Fast and I've heard
    some good things about it, but I don't know first hand.
    I think they also bought Dazzle, Steinberg, and perhaps
    other product lines as well. It will be interesting to see
    what Avid does with all of these products. There were
    some pretty good products under Pinnacle's umbrella.

    David McCall, Nov 4, 2005
  4. David,

    Pinnacle did buy Fast, and the Liquid Edition software is based on Fast
    601. If you compare interfaces, it's almost identical. The new Liquid
    Edition adds some avid product development into the loop, so i'm
    excited to see what comes of it.

    take care,

    Henry T Kirk
    Account Manager
    4VideoEquipment.com - Your DV & HDV Warehouse

    Office 973.244.0660
    Fax 775.628.1922
    4VideoEquipment, Nov 7, 2005
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