Avid Free isn't Free

Discussion in 'Amateur Video Production' started by tom, Oct 11, 2003.

  1. tom

    tom Guest

    Avid Free is not Free
    After Downloading Avid Free and using for a couple of days I decided that it
    wasn't for me uninstalled program and then the fun began.
    First of all Avid actually rewrites into the Apple OSX Kernel

    To prove it do fsck -y and look how all the kernel extensions have avid all
    over them at least 15 different entries such as Firewire and SCSI and others

    Do a search for Avid
    and you find hidden extensions not deletable even with SUDO
    and in the system Libraries numerous entries and files embedded that can't
    be gotten rid of

    Even Microshaft isn't this invasive.

    USE caution when deciding to use this software.. It works but at what price
    to machine stability and integrity of core OS..

    Final cut and Final Cut express from here on out

    BTW only way to get rid of everything was reformat and rebuild HD
    tom, Oct 11, 2003
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  2. tom

    Fishface Guest

    I guess you don't believe in backing-up your system regularly, eh?
    If you used Windows, it would already be a habit! ;)
    Fishface, Oct 12, 2003
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  3. tom

    Tony Mueller Guest

    If you haven't already done it, you should post this on the Avid Free DV
    forum on the Avid website
    Tony Mueller, Oct 12, 2003
  4. tom

    Rick Guest

    Have you done a recheck after rebuilding to see if any/how many
    of these Avid kernel "extensions" are stock?
    Rick, Oct 12, 2003
  5. tom

    nappy Guest

    What problems did these kernel extensions cause in your system?
    nappy, Oct 12, 2003
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