avid xpdv dongle issues

Discussion in 'Amateur Video Production' started by Luis ORTEGA, Oct 15, 2003.

  1. Luis ORTEGA

    Luis ORTEGA Guest

    i have avid xpdv 3.5 on my desktop and laptop. the desktop is a 3ghz p4 with
    hyperthreading and 800mhz frontside bus and 2 gig pc400 ram.
    the laptop is a 2.2ghz p4 with no hyperthreading and 400mhz fsb and 1 gig
    both seem to handle xpdv 3.5 well.
    if i upgrade to xpdv pro and choose to install it only on my desktop
    because of concerns that the laptop isn't powerful enough for it, will i
    still be able to use xpdv 3.5 on the laptop and xpdv pro on the desktop with
    the same dongle?
    i heard that the dongle gets updated and can't be used again with xpdv 3.5.
    is this true?
    it doesn't seem like a very smart thing to not be able to use the dongle for
    xpdv 3.5 anymore. what if the pro version prooves problematic on your
    system? can it be converted back to xpdv 3.5?
    and does my laptop specs seem too low for xpdv pro?
    thanks for any advice.
    Luis ORTEGA, Oct 15, 2003
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  2. Luis ORTEGA

    Lucas Guest

    Nope. The dongle updater will make the dongle a XPress Pro 4 dongle only.

    You don't be able to use XDV once you update.

    If you run into bunch of problems then you might be able to get someone at
    Avid Tech Support to send you a file to revert your dongle back to XDV. I
    haven't heard of anyone doing that yet.

    Check the forums on the Avid website as well for more info about the
    suitability of your laptop for XPress Pro.
    Lucas, Oct 16, 2003
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