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Discussion in 'Digital SLR' started by Don F, May 27, 2005.

  1. Don F

    Don F Guest

    I noticed that I had lost the LCD display cover on my D70 after returning
    from a week long graduation/vacation trip to Virginia Tech. I ordered a
    replacement on Wed (26 May) and delivery is scheduled for today (27 May).
    The cover is only $9.95.
    I have been a long time customer with B&H and have never been dissatisfied
    with their service. It doesn't seem to matter if the item cost $10 or
    $1000, the service is the same.
    Sorry if this seems off topic, but I think good vendors should be
    acknowledged for those who might need a reputable buying source.
    B&H has always been my *first* choice.
    Don F
    Don F, May 27, 2005
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  2. I agree! I love B&H. I order everything from lenses, to film, to A&I
    mailers and even compact flash cards from them. They simply have
    unbeatable prices on new items. Excellent service and decent UPS
    shipping rates.
    Thomas T. Veldhouse, May 27, 2005
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  3. Don F

    Musty Guest

    I dont agree that they have unbeatable prices, but their shipping is quite
    cheap. For me they are #1 too, and I am willing to pay a little extra with
    them (compared to other e-tailers). They are however still _much_ cheaper
    than buying at my local camera store (for exaxmple, I saved over $300 on a
    lens buying from B&H compared to local store).

    I never had to deal with them on returns, so maybe someone can comment on

    Musty, May 27, 2005
  4. Don F

    Frank ess Guest

    Get to hit two salient points with this:

    I bought a good-bargain Nikon-refurbed CP5700 from B&H. It arrived
    quickly and in a "factory-sealed" carton. The LCD monitor was ok for
    about ten seconds, then went all wonky, looked as if it had been
    pressed with a heavy thumb, or some such. I called first and then
    scooted over to my local factory authorized Nikon repair center
    (30-mile round trip) who 1) Agreed the thing needed warranty repair;
    2) Said they had instructions from Nikon his own self not to do
    warranty repair on CP5700s 3) Called me a liar when I said I'd called
    first and been told to come on down.

    Mr Nikon (three levels) and Mr B&H (two levels) got an earful, you can
    count on that. I think B&H was victimized by Nikon.

    The Used guy at B&H seemed sincerely sorry, not to say mystified, and
    told me to send the product back, insured, and they would refund all.
    I did and they did. They stopped selling Nikon refurbed CP5700s, for
    as long as I was interested anyway. I bought a new one for about 15%
    more than the refurb price, from a local store (time pressure). It is
    still cranking out great photos in my granddaughter's hands.

    My complaint with B&H was that they should have known to tell Used
    purchasers they would have to deal with the Nikon factory for warranty
    work, even though the paperwork in the box gave the procedure and
    address for a local repair facility.

    I don't expect B&H and dealers like them have the resources to check
    the function of every refurb item they sell, and wouldn't expect them
    to. I _would_ expect Nikon to confirm the functionality of every item
    they ship as "refurbished". I'd expect Nikon to include correct,
    accurate information regarding warranty service in the box, not tell
    locals to deny service to unsuspecting purchasers.

    Of course the guy who called me a liar may have been a liar himself.
    Any case, Nikon heard about it, B&H heard about it, and now you have
    heard about it.
    Frank ess, May 27, 2005
  5. Don F

    DoN. Nichols Guest

    Might I suggest that you do what I did? Make a tether
    connecting the hole in the lower left-hand corner to the neck-strap
    bracket on the left? (I spent some time doing a careful eye-splice in
    each end of the cord, but simple knots would suffice, and be a lot
    quicker to accomplish.)

    It has since captured the display cover perhaps a dozen times,
    as it gets hooked on my belt buckle or something similar while getting
    out of a car.
    I'll accept this as valid for you. I tend to prefer to deal
    with local photo shops (though the waiting time for the replacement
    cover was similar last summer).

    If I were to decide to purchase something via mail-order (or
    e-mail order), they would be a likely candidate.

    DoN. Nichols, May 28, 2005
  6. Don F

    Slack Guest

    I just placed my 1st order with them last Sat. The shipment was in route
    Monday via 3 day delivery. My order was in my hands on Thursday, which
    was perfect because now I have a setup for polarizer this weekend :)

    B & H's on-line ordering was very easy to use and they're fast. I'll
    definitely be using them again.
    Slack, May 28, 2005
  7. Don F

    MarkH Guest

    So B&H, upon finding out what a problem this was, sorted out everything to
    your satisfaction and took steps to avoid this problem recurring with other
    MarkH, May 28, 2005
  8. Don F

    Frank ess Guest

    Frank ess, May 28, 2005
  9. Don F

    Don F Guest

    Thanks for the tip, Don. I received the replacements (ordered two). I
    will do what you suggested *before* I lose the cover again.
    I knew Nikon put that little hole there for a reason.
    Don F, May 28, 2005
  10. And, if you are a NAPP member, standard UPS shipping at B&H is free.

    Ina Bechhoefer, May 28, 2005
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