Batch auto-crop utility

Discussion in 'Photoshop Tutorials' started by jsvideoservices, Nov 13, 2007.

  1. jsvideoservices

    Joe Guest

    That isn't really what CROP really is, but it's *accaptable* cuz at least
    it can trim off the white border.
    Well, instead of trying to give you some magical hope, I just try to let
    you aware that it won't be easy if not impossible. But if you think you can
    get not 99% but just 80-90% then I would say "GO FOR IT!" or even less than
    60% because any thing you can get for free will be a good deal.
    If you haven't known Photoshop then the answer is pretty much NO

    - NO it won't cost you $600 if you can get your hand on the Educational deal
    available for high-school and college student that most America familes
    have. Unless you live in other country then it would be a different story

    - NO, Photoshop is a great investment for people who deal with photo
    (graphic) which has so many great to unlimited of features/options (the more
    you know Photoshop the more personal features/options you can create for
    your own use). But Photoshop isn't designed for Cropping/Straighten crooked
    scanned photos, so you will need.

    - Knowledge of Photoshop to know what command to use to get the job done,
    And because Photoshop has so many different ways to get similar result
    then you may need to know more command to come up with a better way.

    - Batching, then you may need another level of knowledge to create an
    ACTION to send command to multiple commands automatically. Or ACTION is
    similar to Macro/Script you can RECORD the action then it will PLAY-BACK
    whatever you RECORDED, and that's pretty much what BATCH is.

    IOW, you will need the combined knowledge of (1) Photoshop
    features/options (2) multiple choices to know which works best with
    ACTION (3) then you will need to create (RECORD and fine-tuning) an
    ACTION file etc..

    But I can tell you this, the Action may be able to do 1-2 things at once,
    but it's pretty much impossible to create an Action to

    - Exam all scanned photos to know which need to be cropped, straighten

    - Then send cropping command to one photo then straighten to other

    And I am not even talking about SIZE, and we need to realize that most
    programs can do just about anything they are programmed to do, but they all
    require human brain to tell them what they are programmed to do. And that
    is why most Photoshop experts here can't help you with the action, and few
    say YES can't help you either.

    And I can pretty much tell you that trimming off with boarder and
    straighten hundreds of photos won't be that hard or won't take that long
    either. The first few photos may take you probably 30-40 seconds, and if
    you are quick learner then after around a dozen photos you should memorized
    all commands/steps then you can reduce the time to few seconds. Or around 1
    minute per photo (I am talking about from Loading to Saving).

    And I am talking about using Keyboard Command not clicking mouse to open
    MENU. Or here I often work with both hands at same time, and I often use
    Keyboard command.
    Sorry that I can't be no help (especially I don't know much about ACTION
    but just the general), and just like you I am waiting for the answer from
    the ones who think it's possible. And I hope it would be Photoshop because
    it would be something new to learn.
    Joe, Nov 15, 2007
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  2. jsvideoservices

    KatWoman Guest

    I have not used the program but a lot of web people like and use Irfanview
    or GIMP
    not sure either can do what you need but I think it's still free to download
    then if they don't work, I think you need to purchase PS

    PS can do what you want if recorded as an action-run as a batch scripts etc,
    but you say you know that and how to do it
    despite the poor advice you have received here from some of our more
    ignorant, uninformed and downright grumpy and nasty (newish) members

    what the hell is wrong with you people?? you answer questions not asked, you
    answer stuff you have no clue about how to do, if you cannot even comprehend
    the question how can you answer??

    This NG has deteriorated seriously, a lot of the more educated PS users have
    abandoned this board b/c the behavior of the participants here.
    I apologize to you for them, they have no manners and I am sure they would
    KatWoman, Nov 15, 2007
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  3. jsvideoservices

    pico Guest

    Most families have? Really? Wow. How do you know that?
    Nonesense. It does a very good job of that.
    pico, Nov 16, 2007
  4. jsvideoservices

    Joe Guest

    Then show the OP how you auto-crop those sizes.
    Oops! I meant "can not", sorry.
    No, I don't misunderstand the OP, and I do understand the OP means the
    scans have white boarders, either like the good ole days, or the scanner
    adds to it which doesn't matter (because it isn't the important part)
    Well, you can always ask the OP for some fee. And I will be here to hear

    P.S. Forget the above I said about showing the OP how you auto-crop
    different sizes, cuz sizes won't go without price <bg>
    Joe, Nov 16, 2007
  5. jsvideoservices

    Joe Guest

    How do I know that? because here in our country (America by the way) we
    have a Force Education or the government provides educational fund to all
    citizents through high school.

    So unless

    - You live in other world (as I mentioned in original message)

    - Or all your family members either dead or uneducated?
    I does, but isn't designed for.
    Joe, Nov 16, 2007
  6. jsvideoservices

    Owen Ransen Guest

    I already have, but you obviously can't read.

    It is simple to write a program which extracts the edges
    from an image, analyses the edges, find the largest edges,
    there will be four of them, and crop to those edges.

    Rotation, after that is a doddle. But I've already
    explained that.

    Easy to use graphics effects:
    Owen Ransen, Nov 16, 2007
  7. jsvideoservices

    Joe Guest

    I did read but just read to know what you said, but believing what you
    said or not is another story.

    Or I may be waiting to see it's available to public to hit myself in the
    head for not believe the true story.
    Joe, Nov 16, 2007
  8. jsvideoservices

    pico Guest

    Joe, scripts supplied with Photoshop are add-ons and 100% supported so
    therefore they are a part of the product, part of the design.
    pico, Nov 16, 2007
  9. jsvideoservices

    pico Guest

    Indeed. All one needs to do is to start recording an Action, then take
    Automate... then save and run it as a batch.
    pico, Nov 16, 2007
  10. jsvideoservices

    Joe Guest

    BTW, just incase some newbie here believes what our Pico saying, I can say
    that either s/he doesn't understand the quest, or just another poor liar (no
    I am not saying Pico is a liar but possible). Because Photoshop does have
    quite a few features to do many single actions, *but* Photoshop can't do
    multiple complex commands those requires more than few basic key-strokes.

    And I wonder if Pico understand what "BATCH" means or not, or does Pico
    understand that "batch" means one key-stroke will auto do all the following
    to HUNDREDS of scanned photos

    - Straighen all scanned photos (talking about hundreds)

    - Trimming off the white boarder of hundreds of photos

    - Cropping hundreds of photos

    I dunno what size's, shape's, condition's of those photos, but if Pico has
    the answer and knowing how to make ACTION then we may see an action made by
    Pico soon... cuz even I am not an Action experted, but if Pico knows the
    secret command then it may not take Pico more than few seconds to RECORD the
    command .. or may be few extra minutes for fine-tuning?

    Here, the only 2 users I know can do it (1) Pico with Photoshop (2) Owen
    Ransen with the program s/he just programmed, and I haven't seen none of
    them. No, I do not beg for the action nor program cuz I have no need, but I
    just can't image how it can be done.

    And remember the OP askes for BATCHing hundreds of photos automatically,
    not manually or one-by-one.
    Joe, Nov 16, 2007
  11. jsvideoservices

    Owen Ransen Guest

    Exactly how much experience have you got with graphics
    programming? Or automatic image analysis. Just before I
    pop you into the kill filter have a look at this:

    This research was done in Yokohama more than 20 years
    ago, maybe before you were even born.

    Easy to use graphics effects:
    Owen Ransen, Nov 16, 2007
  12. jsvideoservices

    Joe Guest

    I do know script/action, and the cropping, straighten, separating etc.
    features of CS2 and probably CS3 which I have but haven't had much time to
    play with it dur to some health problem to confirm. But do you read what
    the OP askes?

    Read other message I mentioned your name or nick (as I can't tell real
    name or nick), and as I said I don't mean to call Pico is a liar (I really
    mean it), but what you said or trying to say isn't true.

    Just incase you either missed the original request or don't understand
    what the OP asks. The OP said he has hundreds of scanned images that he
    wants BATCH (100% automatically) those options

    - Trimming off the white boarder of hundred(s) of images

    - Cropping hundred(s) of scanned images

    - Staighten up the crooked images

    and the main request is to *BATCH* cropping/trimming/straightening etc..
    or with ONE KEY-STROKE hundreds of images will be handled all by itself.
    Later on, the OP mentions he doesn't have Photoshop etc..

    Even I don't know much about action, but I believe *if* it's possible then
    many Action Experted here would love to challenge this, and some should be
    able to come up with the working action in minutes. But I do believe it's
    Joe, Nov 16, 2007
  13. jsvideoservices

    Joe Guest

    Why don't you record the action, and who knows you may be able to beat
    Owen on the sale (Owen said s/he already programmed a program to do all
    those, but s/he won't give it away for free but some fee) <bg>

    P.S. Please forgive me about name as I don't know Owen is male/female so I
    call S/He (sort for She or He).
    Joe, Nov 16, 2007
  14. jsvideoservices

    pico Guest

    Joe, the routine is a script owned by Adobe and is part of Photoshop. :) I
    make a very good living doing things that have not been done before. I don't
    want to get into the old stuff. (Straighten and trim/crop is very well known
    and has been about for decades.)
    pico, Nov 16, 2007
  15. jsvideoservices

    pico Guest

    My dear Joe, I know very well what Photoshop can do. I have been using it
    since Version 3.0. You are so dead wrong about the complexity possible with
    Photoshop actions. Further, by scripting a person can do astounding things.
    Yep. Batch can do that. I do it. It is not unusual for me to batch process
    over 3,000 images before lunch.
    Bull. Do you even have CS3? I've used the feature. I've even tried it with
    images that have only three regular sides. It works as advertised.
    Possibly because you haven't over THIRTY YEARS experience in this as I have.
    pico, Nov 16, 2007
  16. jsvideoservices

    pico Guest

    I love that kind of work! Good stuff!
    pico, Nov 16, 2007
  17. jsvideoservices

    pico Guest

    Yes. I understand. You do not.

    Just play it. An experienced user knows how to take that much further.

    Clear now? You don't know what you are talking about. Get over it.
    pico, Nov 16, 2007
  18. jsvideoservices

    Joe Guest

    You mean you parents weren't born? because I retired around 22 years (ago
    (retired early to enjoy life more) <bg>
    Joe, Nov 17, 2007
  19. jsvideoservices

    Joe Guest

    Joe, Nov 17, 2007
  20. jsvideoservices

    Joe Guest

    I don't know you but it's smell <bg>
    Joe, Nov 17, 2007
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