Batteries for Kodak DX3600 Camera Dock

Discussion in 'Kodak' started by Larry R Harrison Jr, Jul 22, 2004.

  1. I won this camera & dock on eBay. It's for a friend for Christmas 5 months
    from now. Their needs are very simple; a 2.2 megapixel like this one is
    plenty enough, and the simplicity of one-touch download/recharge/clearing of
    the Compact Flash with the dock would be huge for this person who is

    I don't think the dock includes the NimH batteries, and I'm wondering if it
    would not support other batteries with different milliamps (mAh) than the
    original Kodak batteries had. Nothing on the Kodak website states such mAH
    matters in terms of what its charger can handle or what its original
    batteries were rated at.

    Yeah I know it would be easy-enough to buy another battery & charger outfit,
    but I am trying to stay in the scheme of the dock as (again) this person
    does tend to be techno-challenged.


    Larry R Harrison Jr, Jul 22, 2004
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  2. Larry R Harrison Jr

    Ron Baird Guest

    Greetings Larry,

    I am sure your friend will be very pleased with your choice. Great camera!
    I had one for a couple years.

    The batteries used in the EasyShare System are constructed in such a way
    that when inserted into an EasyShare Camera like the DX3600 the battery
    charges in the dock. There is a switch inside the camera that is turned on
    when the battery is inserted. It only works with the KAA2HR batteries
    supplied for the system. There is currently a range of them that runs from
    1450, 1600, 1850, and hopefully at 2100 but not yet. These higher the
    number the longer the battery will hold a charge.

    It is important to remember, however, that because batteries are chemical
    products involving internal chemical reactions, their performance may
    deteriorate with prolonged storage. NiMH rechargeable batteries, if not
    used for a while, may need to be reconditioned as you would when using them
    for the first time. Otherwise, deactivation of the internal reactants may
    cause decreased capacity, which causes premature termination of charging.
    In other words, the batteries will not charge completely, even though the
    dock indicates they have.

    If this happens, we have a couple of recommendations. First, make sure you
    have the latest firmware. If you don't, consider updating your camera to
    the latest version. You can locate the update by going to:

    Once there, choose your camera from the list. The next page will offer all
    the available software for your model, including any current firmware
    updates, if available. The firmware download will have a "Read-me" file
    that contains the directions for performing the update.

    Once you have successfully completed the update, we recommend conditioning
    your battery the way you would if it were being used for the first time, as
    we mentioned above. It is important that you be sure you always have a
    fully charged battery. To do so, place the camera on the KODAK EASYSHARE
    Camera Dock. When the charge light turns green (all three green lights are
    lit for the KODAK EASYSHARE Dock II), remove the camera from the dock FOR A
    MINIMUM OF 5 MINUTES, then place it back on the dock. The 5 minutes the
    camera is off the dock are the key to correct recharging for a new or
    uncharged battery. Repeat this same process until the combined charging
    time, while the light is red on the dock, EQUALS A MINIMUM OF 2 HOURS.

    Once you have completed this charging process, we recommend that you leave
    the camera on its dock and intermittently check it for power (remove from
    the dock for a while then replace it). If you use your camera frequently,
    of course, you will always have a charged battery because you will be
    removing and replacing it. If you do not use your camera frequently,
    periodically remove the camera from the dock and take a few test shots.
    Doing this assures a properly maintained battery so that you will have lots
    of power.

    Do not make the mistake of trying to charge the KODAK PHOTOLIFE Lithium
    Battery, CRV3, that comes with the camera. It is not rechargeable, and an
    attempt to do so could result in leakage. Also, please be aware that the
    camera will only charge the KODAK KAA2HR NiMh Battery. Non-Kodak batteries
    or individual AA rechargeable batteries (including Kodak batteries) are not
    compatible with this charger. If you need a separate charger, you should be
    able to find one at the following online site:

    Remember, if you are using a KODAK EASYSHARE Dock I, your camera's dock is
    only charging when it displays the red light. If the light is green, that
    means it is either done charging or has detected another type of battery it
    cannot charge.

    If you are using KODAK EASYSHARE Dock II, you will see a sequence of lights
    as the charging takes place. It ends with the third light being on (green).

    PLEASE ALSO NOTE! Your camera's batteries lose power during image reviews
    and when adjusting camera settings. Use of the LCD screen is a big power

    Hope this helps you out, Larry, let me know if there are questions or other
    needs. I am here for you.

    Ron Baird
    Eastman Kodak Company
    Ron Baird, Jul 23, 2004
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