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Discussion in '35mm Cameras' started by CARBUFF, Jul 21, 2003.


    CARBUFF Guest

    Hi, new to this group. A couple of questions. I have a canon ae1, got it used
    pretty cheap. It works great. Ive run a roll of film through it just to check
    it out. It seems that all the pictures that I took in bright sunlight
    conditions have this line going through them about 3/4 of the way vertically.
    It seems like overexposure. But pictures taken is the shade or no sun came out
    fine. Would this indicate light seals are bad? are there other seals besides
    the ones on the camera back cover that might cause this? Also, I got a cheap
    konica autoreflex t2 also. It takes 2 of those non exhistant mercury 1.35 volt
    batteries. I can get 1.5 volt replacements but I know I have to adjust the asa
    speed selector to make up for this. Does anyone know the formula for this? I
    read it somewhere and cant find it now. Also, will the camera operate if there
    are no batteries in it? I figure manual settings might work but the "ee"
    setting needs for the battery to be present, right? Also, if the meter doesnt
    work does that mean that the "ee" function will not work either? or is the
    meter just for my own knowledge to set manual settings and is not needed for
    "ee" operation. Sorry for the questions and Im sure there will be more too.

    CARBUFF, Jul 21, 2003
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  2. vertically.

    Bright line? Dark line? Vertically -- across film, or along?
    How wide is the line? Is it on the frame following the last one
    taken in bright light? What if you set the camera on manual and
    shoot an empty frame (should be dark after printing) in bright
    conditions, will there still be the line on it? Is the line's
    length the same on all pictures? Is it in the same relative to
    the frame position on all affected frames? Did you shoot with
    the same shutter speed?
    Could be.
    Shutter curtains. With higher shutter speeds the shutter curtains
    do not open fully -- a narrow slit is travelling across the frame.
    I don't know the construction of the AE1, it can be vertical or
    horizontal. Open the camera and test it. If it has a sticky shutter,
    there could be some overexposure happening (which should be much
    less noticeable if the shutter opens fully).

    I say, sacrifice a roll of film and test the camera again. Note the
    conditions in which the frames are shot. E.g. "bright light -- high
    shutter speed", "bright light -- low shutter speed", "low light --
    low shutter speed", etc. And consider giving your camera a good
    cleaning, done by a professional.

    Victor Bazarov, Jul 21, 2003
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