Battery Problem - Advice & Suggestions Please

Discussion in 'Photography' started by Steve Wormuth, Nov 15, 2003.

  1. Hello,

    I have a Canon SpeedLight 420 EX which had Duracell batteries in it for a
    few weeks. I was thinking how I wouldn't be using the camera until late
    December, so I went to remove the batteries from all the equipment, and
    found that the batteries had leaked all over the insides of my SpeedLight.

    Duracell has some sort of guarantee that they will repair or replace (at
    their discretion) anything damaged by flaws in their batteries, so I am
    thinking of sending it to them.

    I have two questions...

    1) Any suggestions as to what I should demand of Duracell? They very well
    may try to just clean off the contacts and mail it back. Am I better off
    just visiting the local camera repair shop (not that I have one)? Could
    there be internal damage to the circuits? (Yes, that's all one question...)

    2) What kind of battery advice can you guys provide? Is their a
    "leakproof" kind in your experience, or is this just an occupational hazard?
    I use a Canon Elan 7e, and removing the batteries after every use is sure to
    eventually break that flimsy battery door.

    Thanks for the help...
    Steve Wormuth
    Steve Wormuth, Nov 15, 2003
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  2. Steve Wormuth

    Bob Sull Guest

    I don't know what Duracell will do for you since I have no experience
    with this kind of problem. Politely demand that Duracell honor their

    I am in the service business and if I am asked politely to more than I
    am obligated to, and it won't get me in trouble, I will go above and
    beyond. If the request, or demand, is not polite, I go "by the book".

    How long was the battery in the flash? It generally takes some time for
    them to leak. Whenever I put my flash away, I pull the battery so that
    I don't have the problem you describe. Since me wife got me an EOS-3
    for my birthday, my EOS-5 usually sits in the shelf with out a battery
    in it when it won't be used for more that a couple of weeks. I don't
    remove the batteries every time I put the cameras away, just when I am
    sure I won't be using it for a month or more.

    BTW, I use NiMH cells for the battery in my 550 and my old 283.

    Bob Sull, Nov 16, 2003
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