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Discussion in 'Digital Point & Shoot Camera' started by dvus, Apr 2, 2008.

  1. dvus

    dvus Guest

    I have a Kodak Z812 that I'm happy with except for one problem that's
    cropped up, it seems to be using the batteries inordinately fast.

    I have both Sanyo 2700 mAH NiMH and the newer Eneloop 2000 mAH NiMH types
    that I have charged with a LaCross BC-900 on the Charge/Refresh mode to be
    sure the batteries were fully charged.

    If I put them in the camera and set it aside by the next day they will
    usually not even extend the lens, or if they do I get the low-battery
    indicator after a very few shots. If I use the camera right away it works
    fine, taking however many shots I need, whether the flash is needed or not.
    But if I put it away, the next day the batteries are dead or nearly so.

    I let my sister use two of the eneloops in her Kodak P&S and they worked for
    a week or so until she gave them back, so I don't think the batteries are
    bad. The camera has worked fine for a year or so, actually it still does
    other than this battery problem which started about a month or two ago.

    I wonder if the 2 Gig memory card that's installed could be the problem? Has
    anyone had a problem like this that could give me some ideas?
    dvus, Apr 2, 2008
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  2. dvus

    Dave Platt Guest

    I remember seeing a report of exactly this sort of problem a while ago.

    I saw another mention of a similar problem in a posting at Steve's
    Digicam Forums but I can't find the article at the moment.

    The problem seems to depend both on the camera brand/mode, and on the
    SD card brand/model. I don't know why, but hypothesize that some
    characteristic of certain cards can cause a camera's firmware to fail
    to power the card/socket down when the camera goes to sleep ("switched
    off"), and that the static current drain of powering the card
    eventually flattens the battery.

    Try a different brand or model/type of card.
    Dave Platt, Apr 2, 2008
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  3. dvus

    homepc Guest

    I'm glad you pointed this problem out. I recently got a mail order memory
    card for my new Canon A720IS and was worried that it wouldn't work properly.
    The camera manual stressed using only Canon SD memory cards. I only
    anticipated loosing picture files, but this is another issue to look out for
    that I never considered. The Dane-Elec 2 GB SD card I got seems to work OK.
    so far.
    homepc, Apr 4, 2008
  4. dvus

    dvus Guest

    Very interesting. I brought up the SD card on a whim, but this info makes it
    worth investigating. For now I'll just pull the card and see what happens
    using only internal memory.
    If you look you'll see that I've been talking to a few people in there and
    the feeling of some is that the Z812's voltage requirements are more than
    some NiMH batteries can handle. I can't dispute that specifically, only
    anecdotally in that the camera worked well with NiMH for a year or so brfore
    this problem started, and I had the same 2 Gig SD card in it from day one.
    That doesn't preclude something from having changed within the card that
    could cause a leak, however, so I'm going to see what happens without the
    card installed.
    Interesting theory. I guess it's certain that the internal cpu in the camera
    has an input sensing the presence of a memory card. What it does with that
    information is anyone's guess. Another friend told me about a guy who's
    camera would apparently turn off but remained on internally to some degree
    for some unknown reason, so your hypothesis seems feasible. Man, do you have
    to be an electrical engineer to take snap-shots these days?
    Or none. That's as significant a change as I can think of. If it seems to
    make a difference, I'll go get a Kodak SD card. *That* brand had better work
    dvus, Apr 5, 2008
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