BENQ 2720 scanner

Discussion in 'Scanners' started by Ian Hodge, Nov 22, 2003.

  1. Ian Hodge

    Ian Hodge Guest

    I am looking for a film scanner to index my existing negative/slide
    collection and new stuff. I don't plan on using the scanned images for
    more than small prints, if at all. Can anyone comment on the merits of
    the Benq scanner please? I know that it's a couple of years old now but
    it appears cheap (best price so far around £150) and is capable of doing
    batch jobs. Can anyone suggest alternatives as the market seems a bit
    bare at this price/resolution range.


    Ian Hodge, Nov 22, 2003
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  2. Ian Hodge

    AArDvarK Guest

    It's a good scanner, it produces fine image quality,
    I use an Acer 2720s, same as the BenQ. However,
    to avoid a ton of hand-done corrective work in an
    image editor, I highly recommend the 2740s which
    has Digital Ice, it corrects scratches and dust for you
    via a second infra-red scan. You can get these as
    warenteed refurbs for cheaper ... here in the U. S.
    they are $350.00. Your BenQ site may have a link to
    refurbs where you are.

    Yes I am impressed enough with the image quality
    from the 2720s scanner. The DI on the 2740s is
    not compatible with the old Kodachrome slide films.

    California central coast
    AArDvarK, Nov 24, 2003
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  3. Ian Hodge

    AArDvarK Guest

    AArDvarK, Nov 24, 2003
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