Best Irfanview freeware alternative on Linux (Ubuntu 10.04)

Discussion in 'Digital Cameras' started by Dr Rig, Oct 29, 2010.

  1. Dr Rig

    Dr Rig Guest

    On Windows, Irfanview is a FAST viewer with two things that I do all the
    time; where can I get the same fast functionality on Linux?

    Here's what Irfanview does (for me) fast & easy on Windows:
    1. Irfanview allows instant cropping (without having to hit menus ... you
    just open the file fast, left-click select the bounding box, and hit
    control+y to crop and control+s to save)

    2. Irfanview can then save the digital photo easily to a specified
    640x480 pixel size & file (with a simple control+r to resize and control
    + s to save); and Irfanview remembers your last settings so you can
    easily repeat.

    3. Irfanview does an horrendous job of texting and adding curved pointers
    though (which is Irfanview's only major simple-editing fault).

    On Ubuntu, I've tried to reproduce those three simple tasks with Gimp
    (slow & cumbersome as a sloth), KolourPaint, GNU Paint, F-Spot, Krita,
    XPaint, etc. but all are either SLOOOOOOW and/or take too many button
    clicks to simply crop and resize and text a picture. Most can't draw
    arrows to save their life (not like Paint.NET anyway).

    I know this question isn't easy - but what is a good (fast) program on
    Linux that can do the following three common tasks quickly:
    a) Open up fast
    b) Easily crop & save to a standard 640x480 pixel & 150KB file size.
    c) Text and draw arrows

    (Admittedly texting and arrowing is the hardest feature to find as all
    will text but most are horrid at texting because they don't let you see
    what you're typing where and while you're typing it and almost none can
    do a decent curved arrow)
    Dr Rig, Oct 29, 2010
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  2. Dr Rig

    anonymous Guest

    Hi Dr. Rig,

    If you're familiar with Irfanview, then why not use it on Linux too?
    You'd need to install Wine first but that's not too difficult either. I
    use it and the performance hit is not too bad. So to preserve your work
    flow / familiarity; give it a try.

    anonymous, Oct 29, 2010
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  3. Dr Rig

    Ofnuts Guest

    A canonical job for a script using the ImageMagick toolbox.
    Ofnuts, Oct 29, 2010
  4. Dr Rig

    Guest Guest


    IrfanView works quite well on Wine. Additionally there is a Linux version
    of Xnview which can do quick cropping. I actually use an older version,
    1.70, (the latest version is more bloated - I dont need)
    Guest, Oct 29, 2010
  5. Dr Rig

    Dave Guest

    Take a look at gwenview.Cropping and resizing can easily be assigned to
    your own custom keyboard shortcuts.

    Dave, Oct 29, 2010
  6. Dr Rig

    ray Guest

    So, exactly what is the issue with GIMP? I load the image - do <shift>-c,
    use the mouse to draw a rectangle and click - there is the crop.
    Similarly, <shift>-t brings up the scale dialog. <ctrl>-s or
    <shift><ctrl>-s to save or save as.
    ray, Oct 29, 2010
  7. Dr Rig

    Dr Rig Guest

    I did not know about those quite nice commands to alleviate the burden of
    all the menus necessary in GIMP to simply crop and save a resized photo;
    so thank you very much for that information. It will come in handy.

    The major problem with GIMP on single photos is GIMP is so agonizingly
    slooooooooooooow (compared to Irfanview) to just open itself up. If youve
    never used Irfanview, you won't know what I'm talking about. But, just
    waiting for GIMP to come up makes you regret you opened it before you
    even start. I don't know what the heck it's loading, but, GIMP is as bad
    as most programs out there (obviously startup costs were never a
    consideration with GIMP). That's the beauty of Irfanview. It's fast and

    On batch photos, while both GIMP and Irfanview require plugins, GIMP is
    again agonizingly deficient (compared to Irfanview); but this time it's
    on functionality.

    For example, in Irfanview, you can batch change the canvas size (not the
    visible photo size, but, the white space around any particular edge of
    the photo). This is useful for annotations. GIMP can't do that (AFAIK).

    Likewise, in Irfanview, you batch resize using your choice of high-
    quality shrinking algorithms (for both pixel area, e.g., 640x480pixels
    and file size, e.g., 150KB). GIMP provides no algorithm choice; worse
    yet, GIMP visual quality results are atrocious (as compared to Irfanview
    given similar settings and the highest quality filter).

    Lastly, GIMP doesn't seem to be able to batch rename the results based on
    EXIF information (why GIMP is so deficient on such basics I don't know);
    and GIMP INSISTS (frustratingly) on reindexing EVERY time you "save as"
    while Irfanview gives the (logical) choice of reindexing or not.

    Both GIMP and Irfanview, unfortunately, are woefully inadequate when it
    comes to texting and arrowing; in fact, GIMP actually has a texting edge
    over Irfanview whose texting is inexplicably cumbersome. Neither of them
    come anywhere close to the texting & arrowing ease of Paint.NET, for

    Don't get me wrong; I use GIMP (I hate it, but I use it). If it weren't
    sooooooooooo sloooooooooow opening up, I wouldn't curse the fact it's the
    most functional I can find on Ubuntu so far; but it's far far far less
    usable on the SIMPLE things than is Irfanview.

    But, your shortcuts are WONDERFUL, once the clock is stopped for GIMP to
    open up, for cropping and resizing a single photo. THANK YOU VERY MUCH
    for those hints!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Dr Rig, Oct 29, 2010
  8. Dr Rig

    ray Guest

    You're welcome - I found the hints simply by looking through the menus
    and noticing the shortcuts. If you can't stand how long it takes for GIMP
    to start, why not just start it at login time - then it's ready when you
    need it. Just open and close the photos as you need them.
    ray, Oct 29, 2010
  9. Dr Rig

    Dr Rig Guest

    That would be a great idea if Imagemagick would do a good job but the
    results bely the effort. :(

    Maybe there is a way to get Imagemagick to result in "decent" photos once
    shrunk, but, whatever algorithm Irfanview uses is far superior to that of
    Imagemagick when you compare two shrunken photos side by side.

    Do you know of a better setting for Imagemagick? Here is what I use:
    $ convert '*.JPG' -resize 640x480 newfile%03d.jpg
    Dr Rig, Oct 29, 2010
  10. Dr Rig

    Craig Guest

    Take a look at the -resample & -quality flags, e.g.
    Craig, Oct 29, 2010
  11. Dr Rig

    JP Loken Guest

    JP Loken, Oct 29, 2010
  12. Dr Rig

    JP Loken Guest

    JP Loken, Oct 29, 2010
  13. Dr Rig

    Guest Guest

    Imagemagick looks interesting. My program of choice for converting RGB to
    indexed is mtpaint, It has more options
    than any program I know of for this. It also offers several bicubic
    resampling+resizing algorithms and the Blackman-Harris algorithm.

    Unfortunately this program has some drawbacks including losing metadata on
    Guest, Oct 30, 2010
  14. Dr Rig

    Ofnuts Guest

    If you are in a script, there are some tools to copy exifs between files.
    Ofnuts, Oct 30, 2010
  15. Dr Rig

    Ofnuts Guest

    Gimp loads in 8 seconds on my computer (Ubuntu 10.04 on Intel Core I5
    2.4GHz) . Gimp load time is very dependent on the speed of its plugins
    during registration and a bad plugin will slow down everybody.
    Ofnuts, Oct 31, 2010
  16. Dr Rig

    Guest Guest


    AFAIK Gimp has a lot of plugins for all sorts of esoteric file formats etc
    and they can be disabled (moved out of the plugins directory) without
    causing problems. Unfortunately there seems to be a lack of documentaion
    listing each plugin file and what it does so disabling them can be a bit
    hit and miss.
    Guest, Oct 31, 2010
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