Best place for SD memory - UK

Discussion in 'Digital Cameras' started by Bill L, Dec 30, 2003.

  1. Bill L

    Bill L Guest

    Hi all

    This Q is partly due the me loosing/not book-marking the URL to an on-line
    store which was selling a 256 MB SD card for £79 (I paid just over £50 at
    Jessops for a 128 MB card for my Minolta Z1).

    Has anyone got any recommendations for on-line stores for digicam
    accessories etc. (I've already got Jessops book marked plus there's a shop
    here in Gloucester).


    Bill L, Dec 30, 2003
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  2. Bill L

    Mike Hill Guest

    Best I've found is Delivery takes 3-7 days and I've
    had no problems with them.
    HTH, Mike.

    '02 GSF1200 in silver
    Email address spamtrapped.
    Remove "your clothes" to reply.
    Mike Hill, Dec 30, 2003
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  3. Bill L

    Andy Hewitt Guest

    I just got two 64mb cards for my Z1 there for £17 each. They are branded
    Panasonic too (which is what the 16mb supplied with the Z1 was).
    Andy Hewitt, Dec 30, 2003
  4. You could also try Dabs ( They always have good deals in
    their Dabs Value section. I've bought compact flash and SD from them in the


    Graham Russell, Dec 30, 2003
  5. Bill L

    Angel Guest

    Angel, Dec 30, 2003
  6. Bill L

    Frank H Guest

    For memory cards I've found good value
    and fast service.
    Frank H, Dec 31, 2003
  7. There's Digital Depot in Swindon. Also, you could try someone like
    crucial ( for memory cards/readers).
    Kurious Oranj, Dec 31, 2003
  8. Bill L

    Dave Guest

    Have a look at - they have them from approx £55
    upwards. Delivery is 2-3 days (ordered a microdrive on Sunday, arrived
    this morning)

    Dave, Dec 31, 2003
  9. Bill L

    Jimbo Guest have a 128mb MMC card for £23.00 that may be OK for
    you. I'm using it in a Kodak DX6490 with no probs.....just about to
    order another.
    Jimbo, Dec 31, 2003
  10. Bill L

    John Buckley Guest

    Dixons have 128MB Lexar SD cards for £29.99 in the current sale (price
    valid until 04/01/04). Picked up 2 yesterday but had to ask for them
    as they were still showing the pre sale price on the display.
    John Buckley, Dec 31, 2003
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