Best place to buy Premiere Pro + Adobe Encore, etc bundle?

Discussion in 'Amateur Video Production' started by Jim Gunn, Jan 29, 2004.

  1. Jim Gunn

    Jim Gunn Guest

    After gaining competency in Premiere 6.5 I'm looking to get into DVD
    authoring immediately since I just hired a friend who is a Photoshop
    wizard to help me author DVDs from my edited movies. So if I
    understand correctly I need to upgrade to Premiere Pro in order to use
    the files seamlessly in Encore, right?

    So where's the best place to get this upgrade online?

    I see one bundle at
    for $469 for the Premiere Pro + Adobe Encore + Audition + Firewire
    card (or DVD media) bundle

    And then there is this store at which seems to offer
    downloads all of the individual programs for about $69 or so. Anyone
    know if this is legit and does one get a valid registration key with
    this purchase?
    Jim Gunn, Jan 29, 2004
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  2. Jim Gunn

    CSats Guest

    This is from the "Terms of Use"

    9. Terms of Software Use

    9.1 You understand that in order for to make you a copy of any
    software, you acknowledge that you are the legal owner of this same
    software, and are looking to just make a new copy for archival (backup)
    purposes only. You also agree to destroy all copies of the software in the
    event it is ever no longer voluntarily in your possession. You understand
    that only the licensed owner (with a valid serial number, where applicable)
    of the various software found on may use the services located
    here. You also acknowledge that the software you have was obtained legally
    and that you have the legal right to request this backup copy to be made. If
    you obtained your version though any other means, including any pirated
    versions, or if you do not already legally own the same version of the
    software requested, then you may not use this service. Furthermore, you
    agree to hold harmless for any damages that may occur for your
    failure to follow the U.S. Copyright and other laws as they pertain to the
    backup you are requesting. When you purchase any backup copy of software
    through, you agree to assume full liability in the event your
    actions are deemed illegal. does not condone software piracy
    and has every intention of complying with the laws pertaining to the
    duplication of software.
    CSats, Jan 29, 2004
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  3. Jim Gunn

    Gary Bettan Guest

    The ADS bundles are your best bet.

    The Pyro Professional includes Premeire pro, Encore & Audition with a
    FireWire card for $499.95

    Other bundles to consider:

    Pyro A/V Link Professional
    Pyro AV Link converter bundled with Premiere Pro, Encore DVD &
    Audition at a FANTASTIC price!! $549.95

    Canopus ACEDVio Ultra Bundle
    Combines Canopus's ACEDVio realtime analog and DV capture and output
    solution with Adobe® Premiere® Pro, Adobe Audition™ and Adobe Encore™
    DVD. $549.95

    For more info check out


    The Electronic Mailbox
    The Desk Top Video Editing & Production Experts
    800 323-2325 or Free DTV tech advice (516) 759-1615

    All DTV purchases include our 30 day customer assurance program
    and FREE tech support
    Gary Bettan, Jan 30, 2004
  4. Jim Gunn

    Jim Gunn Guest

    Thanks for the info, I'm a customer of too but I already
    ordered the Pro/Encore/Audition bundle from for a great
    price of $469 .
    Jim Gunn, Jan 30, 2004
  5. Or, if you're a student (even just take a class in a community college
    like I did) you can buy the same plus after effects for $450. Also can
    upgrade to pro versions of Premier and AE and get PhotoShop CS for $800.
    At Stand-alone Premier Pro 7 is $219.
    James Messick, Feb 1, 2004
  6. Yipes! Stay away! Stay faaaar away. Does not give you a license or
    registration key, just a backup of the media. I almost fell into their
    trap, actually linked to their page a day or two ago from Amazon. Glad I
    read the fine print and didn't fall for the "Order within 10 minutes of
    your first visit to our web site" trap. Of course that should be a
    warning, and it was.
    James Messick, Feb 1, 2004
  7. Jim Gunn

    me Guest

    Me too!. I actually had my credit card out and ready to order.

    Thanks to CSats post here, I didn't. The way their terms of service
    was written almost made it sound like in addition to the product sales
    they also had a separate backup service that required you to already
    be a licensed user.

    I tried contacting them through their web site email, but haven't
    received any response yet. I was able to get in touch with someone
    through their online chat.

    I asked the question:

    "According to item 9 in your Terms of Service it appears that I should
    not buy products from you unless I already own a legal license for the
    product. True?"

    The answer I received back was:

    me, Feb 1, 2004
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