Best royalty-free music providers?

Discussion in 'Professional Video Production' started by Mxsmanic, Mar 30, 2011.

  1. Mxsmanic

    Mxsmanic Guest

    Can someone recommend the best royalty-free music providers on the Net? I'm
    mainly interested in those that allow online previewing of the music, accept
    PayPal, and allow immediate download of music after licensing. And they should
    have a good selection of decent music, too.
    Mxsmanic, Mar 30, 2011
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  2. Mxsmanic

    mike Guest

    There are no "best ones" out there.
    You have to go to several different sites and try them out to see if
    they have your style of music.

    mike, Mar 30, 2011
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  3. Mxsmanic

    Sherine Loh Guest

    Sherine Loh, Apr 8, 2011
  4. Mxsmanic

    Scubajam Guest

    To me it's not the "Best" but a good royalty-free music source, or
    really several sources. It's really about finding "THE" track that
    matches the mood of the production. And usually, it isn't "the" one,
    but several. Any production over 3 minutes will usually have mood
    swings, rythm, suspense, light emotion, etc. Here's some sources I
    have found. Most are free because I'm doing productions for my own

    ATL Production
    For just $20 you get a year, but after about 50 the selection gets a
    bit thin. Still, I've found several I like. Lots of midi I don't
    want at all, but that's me. Download after they send you an email
    with your login. Save the email. I usually print to pdf then save in
    same folder as the music just to be organized.

    Peter John Ross, free for credit
    Just 40 songs, but all you need is one sometimes.

    Kevin McLeod - lots of free stuff, or very low % if you are doing a
    commercial production, on the honor system. Immediate downloads. I
    use this a lot. Great stuff.

    This may be more like what you want. I haven't used yet. Lots of
    video clips like explosions, etc. Music is bottom left of menu bar

    Another I haven't used. I think they send you to individual artists

    to me this one is expensive and I don't think they take PayPal

    And for old stuff, I mean real - REAL authentic old stuff in public
    domain or for credit. Thousands, from original Edison to later.
    Amazing how many popular artists from before about 1960 are now in
    public domain. Lots of '20, '30's and'40's tracks, but you have to
    know something about its name; can't search by genre.

    I also use military bands. The mp3's they have on the 'net are songs
    in the public domain, and as a government entity they're free. Just
    be sure it isn't from a concert of commercial or popular songs, which
    usually aren't available. Don't think it's just marching music. Each
    major military base has a marching band, and most have jazz quartets,
    orchestras, and many other flavors. Maybe you do want the patriotic
    stuff, or some great jazz. Each of the services has their own
    official band, then major bases have their own. Takes a lot of
    searching, but I have over 100 tracks from these sources. I'll let
    you search this one - you gotta do some of the work!!

    Try this

    And finally, how about local artists or bands? They will often give
    you permission for credit, esp if you buy their CD's first. I do
    scuba videos, and have permission from two artists who write scuba
    songs. Must be an original song, not a parody, and they must have
    written, arranged, and performed. Doesn't hurt to ask. Major artists
    are owned by label companies or other production units and won't or
    can't give permission, but local guys usually will. Remember, you
    want "synchronization rights" to synch audio with your video. You
    shouldn't ask for blanket rights as that means you can sell their
    music as CD's and compete with them. Synchronization means it can
    only be used in your video productions. Get it in writing!!! I
    usually copy the license from the royalty free site, or they will have
    one you can download. Write something similar up for synch rights
    from local artists.

    Jim McGauhey
    Washington State
    Scubajam, Apr 30, 2011
  5. Mxsmanic

    Mxsmanic Guest

    Scubajam writes:

    [lots of links]
    Thanks! I've archived the post for the next time I go shopping for music.
    Mxsmanic, Apr 30, 2011
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