Best settings for scanning film with Filmscan35?

Discussion in 'Photography' started by berksposter, May 26, 2004.

  1. berksposter

    berksposter Guest

    Hi, I have a Microtek Filmscan35 and I want to scan in some negs and slides.

    What is the best setting to use for reasonable image quality, ie to print
    out an A4 size print?

    I'm using Paintshop Pro 7.04 on winXP, I downloaded some new drivers for it
    off of driverguide that make it work in xp.

    When I go to file/import/twain/acquire i get a scan window pop up with
    "cyberview-32u film r1.2" along the top bar. It has a slider to adjust
    resolution from 150-19200dpi. I think it scans at 1800dpi, so what happens
    if I go above that, does it "interpolate"?, does this mean it fills in the
    gaps? If so would I get a better A4 printout if I set it higher?

    I'm not worried about the files size, though they do get pretty large at
    some of the higher settings, I'm just looking for some general advice for
    settings, or maybe a link to a webpage that gives some,

    berksposter, May 26, 2004
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  2. berksposter

    ian green Guest


    it is pity
    i own this [censored] machine for a couple of [censored] years and all i can
    [censored] say is [censored] crap
    scan at 1800 dpi / 14 bit / no sharpening
    play with film presets (you can find that the best one is "general")
    i'm using version 1.7
    1.2 was crashing too much
    (win2k + ps7)
    mine won't allow setting higher than 1800
    imho photoshop interpolation is working better

    to make a4 print scan at 1800
    at 300 dpi it is 20x14 cm
    at 200 it is just a little more than a4
    so you should do some corrections/cleaning/adjusting to print it good

    test all settings yourself to find your best way
    luck with this [censored] bastard


    ian green

    Xeto : photo & graphic project :
    photo galleries @ BlurryImage : green
    selected photography :
    ian green, May 26, 2004
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