Best Small point and shoot for £300

Discussion in 'Digital Cameras' started by John Ortt, Sep 8, 2005.

  1. John Ortt

    John Ortt Guest

    Hi Everyone,

    Thanks to my mates Stag Do I recently dropped my V1 Canon Ixus when in a
    state of mild inebriation.
    The lens now fails to shut and the pictures have a nice pink/green tinge
    randomly distributed in them.

    As a result I have made an insurance claim for a new one and assuming they
    are unable to fix it (which I believe will be the case) we have to choose a

    I loved the Ixus 1 and had it from almost the day of release over five years
    ago. My only criticisms were the small zoom (2x) and the weak flash which
    could only do people a couple of metres away at night. Because of these
    limitations I purchased a Canon 300D when they first released them to give
    me more flexibility where needed. I always found the 2.1Mp more than
    adequate for the shots I was taking but since it's nearly impossible to get
    a camera with less than 3 I don't think that will be an issue.

    With this in mind I would like help deciding on a replacement for the ixus
    based on the following factors:

    SMALL - I want it to keep it in my shirt pocket with a lanyard round my neck
    and forget it's there unless I need it.
    Must be smaller and preferably lighter than the Ixus 1.

    ZOOM is not a major issue since I have the 300D so I would considder a
    digital zoom only camera. What are other peoples experiences of these?

    PIXELS are also not a major concern. The more the better but if it is
    smaller and lighter (and cheaper) for a 3.1Mp than a 6Mp then I'll have the

    Thanks and I'll leave the rest to you. Any advice gratefully appreciated.


    (P.S. Unlike my last post entitled "£1000 to spend on a Camera - What would
    you do?" this is a real scenario so I will be getting a replacement soon
    possibly based on the recomendations you give...)
    John Ortt, Sep 8, 2005
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  2. John Ortt

    Pete Fenelon Guest

    Ixus 50 is 5mp, 3x zoom, and a gnat's over 200 quid from Amazon. Sounds
    like it'll do exactly what your old camera did, only more so ;)

    Casio Exilim Card EX-S100 or S500 are tiny, too. I've owned a Casio
    before (QV2800-UX) and found it a very nice camera.

    Pete Fenelon, Sep 8, 2005
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  3. Since you liked your Canon camera, I would suggest that you try the new
    Ixus. In my locale, it is called the Canon Powershot SD-30.

    I gave my 4 Mpixel SD-10 (Ixus something-or-other) to a friend and it
    is a great camera. The image quality is amazingly good for such a tiny

    I just obtained a Casio Exilim SD500 5 Mpixel camera. It is excellent
    in most regards, but I am not satisfied with the image quality. The
    Canon SD-30 will be on sale soon and I suspect that it will be a better
    David Arnstein, Sep 8, 2005
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