Best Support or Shoulder Brace for VX 2000?

Discussion in 'Professional Video Production' started by ralphbowman, Sep 24, 2003.

  1. ralphbowman

    ralphbowman Guest

    I want to buy a shoulder brace for a VX2000 that works, is
    comfortable, durable, and keeps the horizon stable. Any advice from a
    happy owner?


    Ralph Bowman
    ralphbowman, Sep 24, 2003
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  2. I liked the Habbycam, but I had it modified to put the
    adjustable bracket lower (otherwise I was looking *UP*
    at the camera...;-), and it needs a hole in the rear to put
    one end of a short bungee cord (with the other end hooked
    to the belt - otherwise, the thing tends to pop off the
    shoulder... []). I never use it, though
    (I prefer a side handle or bar resting on the left arm, with
    the left hand holding the "blob" under the lens for best
    stability with this camera combined with ease of movement).
    David Ruether, Sep 24, 2003
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  3. ralphbowman

    ralphbowman Guest

    Thanks for your input. It's easy to buy these products you can't
    tryout except in a picture and then find they are not helpful but in
    the way... Your idea about a side handle I am trying to picture in my
    mind. Is this something you purchased or designed from a hardware
    store...( best place to buy video gimmicks). I bought a Biddle Stick
    that is OK but I cannot keep a level horizon when I tire...

    Thanks again...I tried sending you an email..but it bounced..

    Ralph Bowman
    ralphbowman, Sep 25, 2003
  4. ralphbowman

    Bill Ball Guest

    I'm interested in this as I recently acquired a GL-2 which is too
    heavy (esp. with the wide angle lens) to hand hold palm-corder style.

    I borrowed an Arri (film camera) shoulder brace from a friend and it
    worked very well. It would need a different adapter plate to use
    directly, but the key lessons I learned were the critical importance
    of weight distribution and having an abdomen brace to hold things

    After the Arri experience I decided to forgo products like the
    Habbycam because they seem too light and all the camera weight is
    still on your wrist and forearm. I would not go for anything without
    an ab brace. Varizoom ( makes one. But for the
    same $300-$400 I would buy a used Arri and adpat it.

    Having the time and tinkering interest on my hands, I bought a
    inexpensive metal forming set and plan on several trips to Home Depot
    for strip steel and pop rivets until I have something that fits my
    sholder, transfers weight to the shoulder, has an ab brace, and hooks
    into my belt. I figure I can rig up a support for a glidecam-style
    stabilizer while I'm at it.
    Bill Ball, Sep 25, 2003
  5. Yes, all too easy...;-)
    I often comment aloud (and sometimes very loudly! ;-),
    BEFORE SELLING IT?!?!", but it doesn't help much...;-)
    Fortunately, a well-known supplier of video-camera accessories
    sent me a bunch of items to review, which saved me the expense
    of finding out that they didn't work very well...;-)
    Yes! ;-) I have some items I use shown at, with a few
    more to be added. The bar I use now is either the long Stitz
    handle (shown) or a folding version unfolded flat - but neither
    serves well for long shoots. BTW, the VX2000/PD150 has
    a guide rectangle that can be switched on in the VF (I would
    have preferred a centered cross) that can help. Perhaps adding
    a side-handle to the shoulder mount may help. A belt-pod
    can also be useful (or a combination of all of the above...;-).
    For long "hand-held" shoots, little will guarantee level
    camera at all times. A monopod or chest-brace can help.
    If you find a solution, let us know.
    You need to remove the added "stuff" from my address.
    I was annoyed for years by replying casually to people
    who asked for advice, only to find that the email had
    bounced due to being "munged" (this was back in the
    good old days before viruses and worms were common,
    and spam was easily handled with the "delete" key),
    but with as many as 400 viruses coming in a day now,
    it was necessary to modify my return address (but it
    is recoverable).
    David Ruether, Sep 26, 2003
  6. ralphbowman

    NG User Guest

    NG User, Oct 18, 2003
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