Best type of camera for recording a trip?

Discussion in 'Digital Cameras' started by Tom Allemani, Jun 29, 2006.

  1. Tom Allemani

    Tom Allemani Guest

    Hello All, We are taking a trip this summer and want to record it in
    photo's. I don't know zip about digital camers but would like some ideas as
    what type to get. Not so much brand but the ability to save multiple photo's
    till I get home and then run them through my Sony PCV/RX670 Vaio digital
    studio pc and print the good ones out. Don't really want to spend a small
    fourtune on one either. I have an old small, digital camera but it can't
    take many pics, and you have to download in order to take more. + it dosen't
    have much for distance qualities. Anybody have any advice? I would like
    to spend less than $500 if possible. Any advice would be appericated,
    Thanks, Tom
    Tom Allemani, Jun 29, 2006
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  2. It is alleged that Tom Allemani claimed:
    Just about any modern decent camera will fill your base requirements. I
    have a Cybershot DSC-S85. I've had it for almost 6 years now and it's
    served me very well. 6 years ago, I'd recommend it without
    reservations, but I'm not even sure it's still available anywhere
    except maybe as a second hand unit as people upgrade to newer

    I also have a Casio Exilim EX-Z500 I just got a couple weeks ago. It
    cost less than half what the Sony cost me and is smaller, lighter,
    faster, has more pixels, optics of comparable quality, and more preset
    options to optimize the picture taking. I am very happy with the Sony
    camera, but I did not get a new one for the same reason why I think you
    should: The memory stick.

    Your Vaio probably has a MemoryStick slot in it, which gives you
    built-in compatibility with the Cybershot memory units, no need to
    purchase a multicard reader. Whereas the camera is the only thing I
    own now that uses the MemoryStick.

    Here's what +I+ think you should do:

    In your local Yellow Pages, find a local prosumer-level camera store.
    Not a Ritz Camera, but a real camera store. Talk to a knowledgeable
    clerk about what you need and ask for advice. Then go to and compare what the clerk said to what others say.
    Then shop by price, but at the same time, if the clerk steered you in
    the right direction, strongly consider buying the camera from him.

    Jeffrey Kaplan
    The from userid is killfiled Send personal mail to gordol

    "Anything I can do to help?" "Short of dying? No." (Mr. Morden and
    Vir Coto, B5 "Interludes and Examinations")
    Jeffrey Kaplan, Jun 30, 2006
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  3. Nikon/Canon, and as much as my Nikon digital has been in the shop, flash
    gone, battery cover broken, now the thumb wheel switch is dead, you
    might want to try the Canon's.
    James Douglas, Jun 30, 2006
  4. Tom Allemani

    Androo Guest

    You mentioned distance qualities, so perhaps you'd find a camera with a long
    zoom fun. One like the Sony H1/H3/H5 for instance. Or the Panasonic FZ7. Or
    Canon S3IS. The Canon's particularly good at video if that's important and
    its screen swivels.

    They're pretty big cameras. Do you want a pocket type? The Panasonic TZ1 has
    a long zoom but is still a small camera.

    If you want a really small camera, consider the Panasonic FX01 with its wide
    angle lens. It has an image stabiliser too, as does the Canon
    SD700IS/Ixus800IS, both excellent ultra compacts.

    In between there's the Canon A700, with 6x zoom in a small-ish body, manual
    controls too if that's important to you. It's pretty cheap too. The A540 is
    even cheaper and a faultless all rounder.


    The ability to take lots of photos is just down the memory card you buy.
    You've already got a Sony, so you may be tempted to stick with that brand so
    you can use memory sticks, but really, the price of a 1Gb memory card in any
    format si so low now, there's no need to think in those terms.

    Enjoy the trip!

    Androo, Jun 30, 2006
  5. Tom Allemani

    Tom Allemani Guest

    Thanks for the information All, Now have a an idea where to start. Still
    got to do price comparing ECT. Homework.
    I'LL check back later and see what develops, :}
    Tom Allemani, Jun 30, 2006
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