Best UK on-line lab for digital prints ???

Discussion in 'UK Photography' started by Stuart, Apr 16, 2005.

  1. Stuart

    Stuart Guest

    The question may have been asked before, but I am looking for the best
    on-line lab to make 12" x 8" digital prints which are fade-resistant
    behind glass. Any recommendations ?


    Stuart, Apr 16, 2005
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  2. Stuart

    Shez Guest

    Fuji Crystal Archive is supposed to be the best paper for permanence,
    lasting about 50 years IIRC. The only thing that beat it in the test I
    saw was Cibachrome prints stored in the dark, which last indefinitely.


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    Shez, Apr 16, 2005
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  3. Stuart

    Microwave Guest

    You could try ( -- one of the proprietors is a
    contributer to this newsgroup. I don't do digital by and large, so I can't vouch for their work,
    but have been told by friends they are quite good.
    Microwave, Apr 17, 2005
  4. Stuart

    Bernard Peek Guest

    Bernard Peek, Apr 17, 2005
  5. Stuart

    Owen Boyd Guest

    I offer online Cibachrome (colour, very fade resistant) and Black and white
    prints on real photographic paper, RC and Fibre based:
    Owen Boyd
    Owen Boyd, May 4, 2005
  6. Hi Stuart,

    We offer 12x8" printing onto Konica Long life 100
    photographic paper over the internet. We are an
    established developing lab of 16 years.

    Take a look at
    Mark Townsend, May 10, 2005
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