Best upgrade for Premiere pro future?

Discussion in 'Professional Video Production' started by Blankman, Jul 20, 2003.

  1. Blankman

    Blankman Guest

    I have a DV 500 that works pretty good with premiere 6.5 now. I also have a
    Dual headed AGP card (I'm thinking matorx 450?) which I have come to depend

    I recently tried the 'edition pro' upgrade - and it really isn't and
    upgrade. For one, I had to pull out the dual headed card and buy another PCI
    cad if I want dual monitors. But I decided to wait and see how I liked
    Edition before getting a second video card. Well, Edition is going back, not
    really very good IMHO - well not too humble - I've owned and edited in pro
    video post production houses before, and their interface is too inmature.
    Maybe another 2 or 3 revs and it will be 'prosumer'.

    Anyhow - I like the direction Premiere seems to be going - what 'upgrade'
    would I get? Does premiere pro depend on a relatively recent directX card -
    in which case my current dually is probably a bit too old. If I get a newer
    dually how will I get full screen NTSC out like the dv500 and edition 'pro'?

    Is a new tri-headed card the right choice?

    I guess I could try patience and wait till pro comes out - but that would be
    totally out of character for me.

    Blankman, Jul 20, 2003
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  2. Blankman

    Rob G. Guest

    More memory is always a good upgrade. Put as much as your computer, &
    budget can handle.

    I'm stuck in the same sinking Pinnacle boat. I'll get Edition, try
    it, and then sell in on ebay or something. Then, I'll put the cash
    toward the Premiere Pro upgrade.

    Rob G., Jul 21, 2003
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