Beware of Kalinka Optics Warehouse (, AKA

Discussion in 'Digital Cameras' started by Alex Kapchynsky, Jan 7, 2004.

  1. Beware of Kalinka Optics Warehouse (, AKA
    They sell what they call Russian military binoculars, rifle scopes and other
    Russian military optics. I had really bad experience dealing with Kalinka
    Optics Warehouse ( Here is the story:

    I ordered "Russian military binocular" from Kalinka Optics Warehouse
    ( The piece that came had different coating colors on
    left and right eyeglass, the focusing ring did not work so I had to fix it
    myself (tighten screw), and it could not focus. The Bushel, which I picked
    in Walmart, was the same or better optical quality and far superior
    mechanical quality with better warranty and far cheaper at the end. I had
    experience with Russian military optics before and what you get from them is
    sooo far away from military. I would not consider it even as regular
    consumer optics - it is something that 40 years behind in technology and
    quality makes it barely usable.

    Ok, it happens, now I wanted to return binoculars back. Kalinka Optics
    Warehouse ( has 15 days satisfaction guarantee (no
    questions asked) with 100% refund except shipping but you have to obtain RMA
    to put in on the box. While trying to obtain RMA I started sending them
    e-mails but they did not reply to any of my 5 (five) e-mails. Month later I
    called company that doest credit card processing for them and couple e-mails
    later I had part of money returned except shipping fee (to be expected) and
    15% restocking fee. They claimed that user manual and shoulder strap where
    missing. I never had such case with returns since I always keep my packaging
    material including those little wires used to hold power cords and stuff.

    Interesting that they would never reply me directly (and I used two
    different email addresses in case one is blocked out like my regular yahoo
    mail sometimes).

    Talking about service quality: do they know what words "customer" and
    "service" mean?

    Bottom line: be aware while ordering so called Russian military binoculars,
    riflescopes and other Russian military optics from Kalinka Optics Warehouse


    Alex Kapchynsky, Jan 7, 2004
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