Beware of Rocky Cameras, UK

Discussion in '35mm Cameras' started by Grimly Curmudgeon, Feb 16, 2009.

  1. UK ebay seller, trading as rockycamera (formerly member446885), also has
    a website This is not just a problem for UK
    buyers, the scam artist will happily ship to the US and worldwide.
    He buys in used cameras and lenses in bulk and performs no proper checks
    on them before punting them out as "=OPTICALLY PERFECT=", etc. When
    things go wrong, as they frequently do, a complainer will be assured of
    a refund or replacement that never arrives.
    His most audacious exploit recently was to take back a faulty item, fail
    to refund the buyer, and then re-list the same item on ebay. Priceless.

    For a flavour of this crook's dealings, look here...

    Or simply check his negs on ebay...

    I urge everyone to boycott this scumbag.
    Grimly Curmudgeon, Feb 16, 2009
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  2. OK, I promise so to do.
    John McWilliams, Feb 16, 2009
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  3. Grimly Curmudgeon

    Peter Guest

    Interesting.... I wonder if the existence of these websites is why
    scammers keep changing their Ebay identity. I can't see how these
    sites could keep track otherwise. And you can change your Ebay name

    It's easy with scam sellers - they get bad feedback which you can see.
    Scam buyers don't - they can just keep going.

    Paypal will always protect the buyer.
    Peter, Feb 16, 2009
  4. Grimly Curmudgeon

    Chuck Guest

    A few years ago Keith Rock was an ok dealer but he started burning me
    in late 2006. At first I gave him the benefit of the doubt, but after
    2 defective cameras in a row and selling accesssories clearly for
    other cameras than he listed, I stopped buying from him. Chuck
    Chuck, Feb 16, 2009
  5. Grimly Curmudgeon

    Bruce Guest

    A seller can change their eBay UserID but if they have kept their
    existing account and merely changed the name they still carry the
    negative feedback with them. Also, if you search on the old UserID, you
    will find the account.

    I'm interested in the comments about rockycamera (Keith Rock) as I have
    probably bought about forty or fifty items from him over the last few
    years (I don't keep a count). There have been problems with only two,
    and returning them elicited a rapid refund including return postage in
    both cases. Sometimes his communications are a little terse, though.

    I'm prepared to put up with the risk of having to return something as he
    often sells good items at ridiculously cheap prices. I think he buys
    mainly from camera fairs, which explains the dusty cosmetic condition of
    many items. The photos he uses in the adverts seem to emphasise the
    dust. I think that puts many buyers off, but I'm happy because it keeps
    prices low.

    On the basis of my own experience, I certainly wouldn't avoid buying
    from him again in future. I have dealt with many eBay sellers who are
    far, far worse than Keith Rock.
    Bruce, Feb 16, 2009
  6. Grimly Curmudgeon

    Don McC Guest

    Any chance that some fly-by-night weasel simply purchased the "Rocky
    Camera" eBay account from the original seller? The business appears to
    have done a 180 on ethical practices. The neg FBs are quickly piling up.
    Don McC, Feb 16, 2009
  7. Grimly Curmudgeon

    Bruce Guest

    No, it's still the same guy (Keith Rock) at the same mail address.

    I got the impression that he opened the new account to escape a string
    of negative feedback ratings and make a fresh start. I haven't bought
    anything from him since late 2008 when his overall feedback rating on
    the new account was somewhere around 99%.

    I would still buy from him; I have had some excellent bargains and I buy
    more on the basis of my own personal experience with sellers than on the
    basis of listening to (often malicious) gossip on the internet.

    Still, if I get my fingers burned, I cannot say that I hadn't been given
    a warning. ;-)
    Bruce, Feb 16, 2009
  8. Grimly Curmudgeon

    me Guest

    You think thats bad, check this git out, reported to ebay and they have done
    me, Feb 17, 2009
  9. Grimly Curmudgeon, Feb 18, 2009
  10. Grimly Curmudgeon

    me Guest


    Even mentioned that to them when i complained when he robbed me
    me, Feb 20, 2009
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