Bird People

Discussion in 'Digital SLR' started by nick c, Aug 1, 2005.

  1. nick c

    nick c Guest

    1DMKII and 20D cameras were used with 17-40 L and 70-300 DO IS lenses.
    Photo's have not been worked in any photo program They have only
    undergone sizing [ :( ] for Show & Tell web posting.

    Look at the size of those lenses and notice the pods they use.
    nick c, Aug 1, 2005
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  2. nick c

    jean Guest

    That's way over MY budget. You see the same lenses used at sporting events,
    but they are usually all dinged up, full of stickers, for lenses that cost
    so much, I would have expected a bit more care. Nice pics Nick.

    jean, Aug 1, 2005
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  3. nick c

    eawckyegcy Guest

    It's hardly ever a matter of budget, but simply desire and passion.

    Consider: the Canon EF 500/4 is a bit over $5000 US. Most people
    reading this probably own a car that cost 3 to 4 times as much, and are
    (apparently) prepared to buy replacements every half-decade or so --
    and they presumably think nothing is strange about this.

    There are amateur astronomers -- especially in Japan -- who own monster
    Fujinon 25x150 binoculars that can cost twice as much. For them, the
    capital cost of the hardware is trivial for an instrument that will
    literally last a lifetime -- the big investment here is _time_. But
    even from a purely financial perspective, if you can afford a new car,
    you can buy one of these optics if you are so inclined.

    And, if I can be so bold as to speak for this group (I do own a 500/4)
    -- most of the people who own big-ass optics like this look you and the
    rest of society who are wasting their time and money buying beer,
    cigarettes, roasting dead animal flesh over grills, or even more
    inexplicably, building extensions to the boxes they live in at terribly
    inflated prices as the truly strange ones.
    As people say, "nothing drives like a rental".
    eawckyegcy, Aug 1, 2005
  4. nick c

    John Francis Guest

    For a pro, working at a sporting event, the really important thing is to
    get the shot. If this means that the lens on the other body brushes up
    against a concrete wall (or gets dropped onto the floor rather too quickly)
    that's just the way it is. Taking that extra half a second to put the
    lens down carefully can mean that you miss the opportunity.
    John Francis, Aug 1, 2005
  5. nick c

    Toa Guest

    Bang on the money, give that man (or woman) a cigar!

    Toa, Aug 1, 2005
  6. nick c

    nick c Guest

    A wise man contemplating spending big bucks will buy what he needs, that
    will do what is expected, and will most often be used. :)
    nick c, Aug 1, 2005
  7. You forgot priorities. Many of us have hobbies and passions other than
    photography, which make multi-thousand dollar optics a joke.

    It was always my assumption that this group is for people discussing slr
    system digital cameras. 'Solitary passion' or 'professional' usage is not
    part of that charter. Unfortunately, I see that subgroup of users poking
    derogatory comments into discussions regarding less than top-of-the-line
    equipment. (Well, yeah the Sigma will have errors less than the L-series
    Canon - I guess I should quit driving since I don't have a Ferrari).

    If you're not a value-conscious buyer, and the discussion is about
    value-driven equipment choices, (e.g. entry-level dSLRs, Sigma or Tamron
    optics, etc) then STFU. Shouldn't you be out taking better pictures than

    David Geesaman, Aug 1, 2005
  8. I hate typos. See above.

    David Geesaman, Aug 1, 2005
  9. nick c

    G.T. Guest

    If I understand what you're hinting at there is a huge difference between
    the utility of a lens (unless one is a pro photographer) and a car. And my
    car is 8 years old and won't be replaced for some time.
    One has to drink.
    Waste of money.
    One has to eat.
    Waste of money, I just need a roof over my head.

    G.T., Aug 1, 2005
  10. nick c

    Kelly Guest

    Hey guys, what can I say, it's all about the women. Women dig nice cars.
    Women dig nice (big) houses. Women dig manly men searing animal flesh over
    open flame. Those same women see a guy with a big camera lens and
    think...he's compensating for something...

    Kelly, Aug 2, 2005
  11. nick c

    Jeremy Nixon Guest

    Last month, when I was out at Yellowstone, I pulled off the road into a
    turnout by some geothermal pool or whatever. There were two young women
    already there. I was driving my flashy sports car, which gets all manner
    of attention in the Midwest. So I pull in, and they look, and I stop and
    get out of the car with my camera. One of them says to me: "Sweet camera,

    So, you never know, really.
    Jeremy Nixon, Aug 2, 2005
  12. nick c

    jean Guest

    Don't get me wrong, I agree it has to do with passion but as others have
    pointed out there has to be some limits to what one can buy. I consider
    myself lucky enough to have many nice Canon lenses but unfortunately nothing
    past 300mm.

    Speaking of passion, why is yours limited to 500mm, Canon makes a very nice
    600mm f4 and only for a couple grand more than your 500mm, they also make a
    1200mm f5,6 which I have no price for.

    Time is also an uncompressable factor for me at preset, I am still working
    to pay for my (future) toys and to get enough stashed away so I can continue
    playing with them when I do stop. Another time eater is staying in good
    health long enough to keep playing for a long time to come and since I am
    not an octopus, I have to do my activities one at a time.

    I do not smoke, don't drink beer, do a lot of the renovating myself and do
    enjoy roasting dead animals once in a while, I am putting off getting a
    newer car because the one I have still works well and I try to use my
    bicycle rather than the car as much as I can.


    Oh, I do object to the price of cars today, I find it ridiculous for people
    to pay extra for leather seats and a good sound system in a car when they
    sit on furniture from Wallmart's and listen to a cheap sound system at home.
    My car needs a new paint job, but I will buy a painting for my house instead
    of letting my neighbors see a shiny car.
    jean, Aug 2, 2005
  13. nick c

    eawckyegcy Guest

    Of course there are limits, but I stand by my position that a large
    fraction of the people reading this can probably scrape up the money to
    get a EF 500/4 if they needed one. Just about everyone can make a 2 or
    3 year plan to obtain one.
    The 600/4 was on the table last year. It was, however, quickly
    rejected as it was deemed to be not a portable instrument, at least as
    far as this wimp is concerned. I'm damn glad I have the 500/4: I can,
    and do, hand-hold it.
    The 1200/5.6 is reported to be less than a stellar piece of glass, even
    if it was commonly available. It is also far too heavy, and the
    performance/price ratio has already flattened off steeply beyond a
    600/4. Why buy a Ferrari when a Subaru is just as good?
    eawckyegcy, Aug 2, 2005
  14. nick c

    jean Guest

    I know I could buy a 500 or a 600 IF I needed one or the state of my hobby
    could justify it. I think I have come a long way in the last 6 years with
    digital photography, going from a Kodak DC240, Nikon 995, Nikon 4500,
    Drebel, 10D and getting better and better lenses. So far a 300mm with a
    1.4X teleconverter has me satisfied. But as many know it's a bottomless pit
    of investment for good equipment. A guy I know bought a 10D at the time I
    had my Drebel, now he has over $20,000 in lenses and bodies and he is doing
    fashion photography as a very serious hobby.

    I can understand the "weighty" dilemma of the 500 vs the 600. Many times
    when I go cycling I don't carry the better lenses just because they are just
    too big and too heavy, then I kick myself when I find out the shot could
    have been better.


    A Ferrari can go fast if it's allowed, but in a traffic jam, I can speed
    past it on my bicycle ;-)
    jean, Aug 2, 2005
  15. nick c

    Steve Wolfe Guest

    1DMKII and 20D cameras were used with 17-40 L and 70-300 DO IS lenses.
    Is that news to you? "Bird people" have been doing that for a long time.
    I've even seen pictures of them with cutom mounts and stands built on the
    sides and tops of their vehicles. Sure, taking photographs is a great
    past-time, but $10,000 for pictures of birds just doesn't fit my priorities.

    Of course, it isn't any more silly (to me, anyway) than the people who
    spend $2,000 on an over-under shotgun, $10,000 on a boat, and $35,000 on a
    truck to pull the boat so that they can hunt the birds.

    Steve Wolfe, Aug 2, 2005
  16. nick c

    nick c Guest

    No it's not news to me.
    Bird pictures are not a priority with me either, but I can get
    interested in using such lenses.
    nick c, Aug 3, 2005
  17. Nah, it's about wise investments. I've found a nice, high quality
    inflatable can save a fortune. You don't need fancy cars, homes, or
    gadgets to impress. No psychological turmoil. No worries about finding a
    woman (or worrying that she really is a woman). No worries about
    breaking up (unless you're too rough-that can be quite startling). It's
    just much more practical.

    Spending lot of money on something is ok; It's all about knowing how to
    handle your dough, wisely.


    Randy W. Sims, Aug 3, 2005
  18. nick c

    Toa Guest

    Hey guys, what can I say, it's all about the women. Women dig nice
    A nice, high quality inflatable huh?

    I tell ya, you'll go blind!

    Toa, Aug 3, 2005
  19. nick c

    Steve Wolfe Guest

    Is that news to you?
    Sorry, that probably sounded a bit harsh - I didn't mean it that way at

    Steve Wolfe, Aug 3, 2005
  20. nick c

    nick c Guest

    Thank you Steve.
    nick c, Aug 3, 2005
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