Bluey and Curly - Dad and Dave, All as Australian as our Seagulls.Here's one!

Discussion in '35mm Cameras' started by D-Mac, Aug 16, 2008.

  1. D-Mac

    D-Mac Guest

    Just to reinforce the fact my last post was no fluke. Birds in flight do
    indeed pose a few 'issues' to capture on film or a sensor. I feel for
    the idiot stalking me... Who feels the need to bash up on me when he
    can't find any flaws. Just because I'm able to do what he so clearly
    struggle with but can't.

    You never really make it on the Internet until you collect at least a
    few trolls of your own!

    Meet Mark Thomas, My pet troll.
    ROTFL... True, he's serious!
    D-Mac, Aug 16, 2008
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  2. Now look here. As a pet owner you have a responsibility and you are not
    living up to it. Mark, the poor guy needs more roughage in his diet,
    maybe some fruit too, he is obviously extremely constipated, basically
    he is full of shit. As his owner this is your fault. Please do something
    immediately about the way you feed him!

    He may need some therapy too, he seems to have a number of complexes, he
    barks incessantly at shadows and obsesses over imaginary foes. I think
    you will find that he has poor bladder and bowel control as well. This
    is no way to treat a pet troll. You should be ashamed of yourself.

    Digital Deviate, Aug 16, 2008
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  3. D-Mac

    Noons Guest

    Digital Deviate wrote,on my timestamp of 16/08/2008 6:31 PM:
    Noons, Aug 16, 2008
  4. D-Mac

    D-Mac Guest

    Sorry! He's had nothing to get his teeth into lately!
    D-Mac, Aug 16, 2008
  5. D-Mac

    Mark Thomas Guest

    That's a nice shot, but you've posted it several times before this. I
    sometimes post old stuff, but always with a disclaimer and never
    pretending they are my 'Picture of the Day'.
    So why would you post *another* very old image? Not getting out much
    anymore? Glued to the monitor for your only social contact?
    Yes, they do. And as I'm not currently using a DSLR, I generally don't
    bother. Just as, I imagine, you don't do astrophotography... Anyway,
    I've already said that is a nice image, and will give credit where it is
    due. It's only because *you* brought up my name, that you now get a reply.
    Why? Why don't you just killfile all those 'idiots' as you have said
    you will, over and over? I'm using the same name, same valid email
    address, unlike you... But I do find you amusing.
    I give you credit for good images, where it is due. But, when you bring
    up this crap for no reason, expect to get it back in spades. Without
    any need for sockpuppets........
    Oh, you mean like.. stitched panos? I'll let others judge that. Quite
    a few folk would like to see that Manly linear panorama of yours. That
    episode was a perfect example of where you lied about AC, lied about the
    images you presented, promised an image and never delivered:

    Douglas, coward that he is, removed the page as shown as he was shown to
    be a liar, hence the repost, thanks Jeff. Much, much later, here's what
    he posted instead, claiming it was a linear panorama and answered all
    the criticisms:

    Now of course I'm biased, but I find that image quite hilarious... and
    it appears I'm not alone - have a read of this thread:

    You can see NOT ONE person gave it anything but ridicule. Doug calls
    this 'mob mentality', which is understandable - his ego cannot accept
    that image is an absolute disaster. Douglas is proud of it, so that's
    all that matters!

    And to be fair, here's a random comparison panorama from me..
    Feel free to compare it with Douglas' fine effort, and see if you can
    spot the stitching errors (there are some..).
    Hmm.. You brought up my name here for no good reason (again). Who's the

    By the way, I see the 'thriving' CPPA is *still* not incorporated.
    Finding it hard to get sign ups? That meeting in August didn't go well?
    Can't help wondering, if you formed this 'organisation' as far back as
    2000, how come it still isn't registered and you only created the domain
    name in July (at the same time as your ebay listing..)?

    I would imagine we will start seeing "CPPA Certified" on some Australian
    photographer's (sic) websites very soon now, any day... At the moment
    it only appears on one.

    Oh wait, that's yours! What a coincidence!! Not that I would rub it
    in, but here's the whois...
    Domain Name
    Last Modified 20-Jun-2008 14:22:09 UTC
    Eligibility Non-profit Organisation
    Eligibility ID ABN 43604101393
    Registrant ID JOJU1071
    Registrant Name Julian Jones

    And finally, I note you thanked me for your high ranking for that cppa
    site. Anytime! Yes, I can see what comes up when you do a groups
    search (grin)... But as a web search, it's not going *quite* as well.
    In fact, well above it are many other interesting organisations,
    including one of my personal favorites:

    Yes, the California Potbellied Pig Association outranks you, Doug.

    But perhaps this post will help. (I'm actually a little surprised that
    your SEO experience hasn't done a lot better...)

    And here's the growing list of questions for Doug - each one is another
    example of a lie, and links are available on request:
    Describe the unusual thing about me from your fantasy security footage.
    Explain why you lied about AC.
    Explain why you lied about your 'stepped out images'.
    Explain why you lied about your sample print from a 20D that you later
    admitted was a stitched pano.
    Explain why you lied when presenting fraudulent enlargement examples on
    your website.
    Explain why you lied about having an ATSIC permit for photography in
    indigenous communities.
    Explain why you lie about your 'chains of stores' and can't post even a
    single current shopfront.
    Explain why you 'self-certified' with the non-existent CPPA.
    Explain why you have used over 120 sockpuppets, many illegally,
    including the ridiculous 'Julian' and '2Squid' efforts.
    Explain why your website says:
    "weddings N portraits is a premiere vendor in the Brisbane, Queensland
    Photographer showcase on", yet that site just shows you
    having a 'standard' listing.


    Explain why you said you would not post to again, and yet here
    you are..
    Mark Thomas, Aug 18, 2008
  6. D-Mac

    D-Mac Guest

    Got anything new to say fool?
    I will post when and where I like provided it is legal... Unlike you who
    stole my photos and tried to make out they were yours in a piss poor
    attempt at impersonating a photographer.
    D-Mac, Aug 18, 2008
  7. D-Mac

    Mark Thomas Guest

    Yes, just pretend the embarrassing questions don't exist.
    Can't answer any of the questions you snipped? = then you admit you are
    a LIAR.

    I won't put them *all* back, but merely repeat one episode..
    Quite a few folk would luv to see that Manly linear panorama of yours.
    You lied about AC, lied about the images you presented, promised an
    image and never delivered:

    Just post that linear panorama from the Manly images, Doug, and you can
    prove us all wrong.

    But you can't, can you?? There is no way you or anyone else can make a
    linear panorama out of the images you described (but didn't actually
    take). And the sad part is that you could easily prove you are not a
    liar in this case by simply posting the image you claim to have created.
    Yep, plenty more where that came from - just give your lawyer's name and
    s/he will get the lot. So.. why won't you do that, again?
    You certainly can do that - why state the obvious..?
    But when you say one thing and don't do it, that makes another lie.
    (Gee, perhaps you should stop lying if you don't like being called one.)

    And mention my name *whenever* you want the embarrassing links repeated.
    And where was that again, LIAR? I have done no such thing. Again, all
    you have to do is post a link to prove otherwise.

    Feel free to yawn some more.
    Mark Thomas, Aug 18, 2008
  8. D-Mac

    Mark Thomas Guest

    I just remembered I am talking to Douglas, the man who posted this as an
    example of a finished panorama:

    So I better clarify what I said above. How about this:
    "There is no way you or anyone else can make a *decent* linear panorama
    out of the images you described"

    Because, of course, anyone with no experience in PS or stitching
    panoramas (combined with very low standards of quality) could create a
    pile of pig**** like that image.

    But I'm talking about something where you *can't* easily spot the
    multitude of stitching errors. I'm not sure that Doug can do those. (O:

    Yawn on, Douglas.
    Mark Thomas, Aug 18, 2008
  9. D-Mac

    D-Mac Guest

    Mark Thomas wrote:
    All bullshit, lies and defamation removed.

    A person with a serious personality problem who needs the support of a
    group and behaves badly when he doesn't get it...

    That's how a professional character analyst described you Charlie.
    Pretty pathetic really but I guess you've been told this in the past and
    done nothing about it. No point in expecting you reform now.

    It's good to see you dancing again tonite mate. I wondered where you'd
    gotten to for a while but like all rotten apples, you were bound to try
    and spoil the whole lot sooner rather than later... Enjoy it while you
    can child.

    Meet my #1 and #2 trolls...

    #1. Mark Thomas - really Charlie Stevens from South Australia: Seriously? ROTFL.

    #2. Jeff Ralph - A nasty little bastard from the back of Penrith (NSW)
    who fancies himself as a Latin expert but forgot how to spell it! LOL.
    D-Mac, Aug 18, 2008
  10. D-Mac a person with a serious personality problem who needs the support
    of a
    Harold Hughes, Aug 18, 2008
  11. D-Mac

    Mark Thomas Guest

    Isn't it interesting how you just cut out the stuff you can't answer,
    and then all you post is insults. I post information, links and proof.

    Ah well, your choice, Doug.
    OK... *I'm* the one who is dancing, yet you hired a "professional
    character analyst"? (O: Yes, of course you did, sweetie. How much did
    they charge, or was this someone you.. er.. already had dealings with?

    Why don't you post their name, and I'll become a test case for him/her?
    Only by you and socks. I'm happy with that.
    See above. *I* didn't hire anybody, and I'm even dragging this back
    ontopic now..
    Umm, Douglas, YOU mentioned my name here. Think about that. You'll
    also notice that in that 'while' I posted several images and had many
    conversations, in a quite pleasant fashion, completely ignoring you
    until you mentioned my name.

    Were you afraid to join in on those other real conversations? Were the
    topics a bit too scary for you?
    You said that in 2004. Do I have to wait *another* 4 years?

    Anyway, getting back on topic.

    Let's look at this image again:

    In this thread it was universally criticised as possibly the worst
    panorama attempt ever seen:

    The following items were noted:
    - note the 'extent' of the pano - Douglas has in fact barely added about
    a half an image's width to one of the single images!
    - note the way the horizontal levels of the building are all over the
    - note the 'additional' bits of building added above the "yr" of
    Copyright - the lines of the roof and balustrade don't even come close
    to merging - he has tried to hide it behind the tree, but to the left
    and right of the trunk you can see the same parts of the building
    completely misplaced...
    - note the floor level leaps upwards above the "y"..
    - note the strange 'ghost' of the mysterious second downpipe that has
    appeared above the "o" of Douglas, along with floating tendrils from
    the erased palm frond just below..
    - look below and slightly left of the 2 of 2008 - note the twinned
    step, the impossibly truncated bit of blue staircase, the misaligned
    steps ..and where did the path go?
    - under the "s" of Douglas, look at the bench with no left hand
    - beside that, note the trunks that slowly vanish as they extend upwards..
    - source images are missing - look at the right hand end of the
    apartments, directly above the "me" of James. Where is that in the
    source images?
    - The area beneath the eaves is obscured in every image, yet it
    miraculously appears in the result.
    - And look at the fifth apartment with the tree in front of it - where
    is that in the source images?

    Finally, a small point that was missed in that thread - have a look at
    the ridiculously slants of the buildings - those at the left are slanted
    by 2-3 degrees, yet the ones at right are vertical. This is very basic

    All that, in just one image. Nice one, Doug. I try to keep the number
    of faults in mine to under 4 per image. (O:

    So, Douglas, when will you post a *real* linear panorama, in particular,
    the one you allegedly created at Manly? You know, a believable one..

    I, and Jeff, and AC, and others are waiting patiently.. We know you
    can't do it, but we'll keep asking until you admit you lied, and you
    grow the balls to apologise to AC.

    "..dancin' on the ceiling, oh what a feeling.."
    Mark Thomas, Aug 18, 2008
  12. D-Mac

    Noons Guest

    Mark Thomas wrote,on my timestamp of 18/08/2008 9:25 PM:

    Heep! You ain't seen mine yet!...

    is that Manly NSW you're talking about? Because those photos
    were not from there, that's for sure...
    Noons, Aug 18, 2008
  13. It's Manly Queensland. I had my boat berthed there for a few days
    getting some alterations to the Radar.
    Shon Kei Picture company, Aug 19, 2008
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