Bought a Nikon 35mm film camera sight blind at auction today....

Discussion in 'Photography' started by Cursitor Doom, Apr 19, 2014.

  1. Hi,

    At approx. 10.50 this morning, I was checking out the online catelogue
    of an auction house in the next town that was holding a sale scheduled
    for today. One of the items listed was a "Nikon F plus accessories" No
    further details were given, bar a really fuzzy picture of the camera
    mostly concealed by the bag it was in; it's metering head just about
    visible among a bunch of strapping.
    To cut a long story short, by 11.05, I was in the auction hall with a
    bidding number and a maximum figure in mind. I had no idea what exact
    model it was, what condition it was in, whether it even worked, so I
    figured I'd go to $100 and no higher. In the end I got it for 59 bux -
    but I had no idea what I'd won!
    Anyway, I had expected to remove my prize from the bag and discover a
    terribly battered old 'F' from around 1967 with evidence of chronic,
    heavy useage. What it turned out to be was a chrome Nikon FE in fully
    working order in what would be described by most sellers as A minus
    condition. The lens was nothing special, but it was at least a genuine
    Nikon: a 35mm/f2.5 again, though, in excellent condition. Plus a
    couple of filters, two nice straps and a hefty, semi-pro Nikon SB-16
    flashgun in its own case.
    I don't normally buy stuff blind, but now and again it does make for a
    bit of excitement and I'm quite pleased with the bargain I got. It'll
    make a nice addition to the collection and whilst the build isn't up
    to the 'bullet proof tank' standards of 10 years earlier, it does feel
    reassuringly solid and well made. :)

    I know virtually nothing about the FE, though. If anyone has any
    comments on them regarding quality/common issues or whatever, I'd be
    keen to hear about them.
    Cheers guys,

    Cursitor Doom, Apr 19, 2014
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  2. Cursitor Doom

    Mike Trainor Guest

    If you can find film and people to process it, fire away!

    It is what I would call a 'second level' Nikon -- they started to make
    'consumer' stuff after the enormous success of the F1 and the F2.
    I have used it just a few times, but the owner (friend of mine) was
    very satisfied and we could not make out much, in terms of everyday
    use, between the FE and my F2S. He still has the FE, as I do my
    F2S -- both in great working order.

    Mike Trainor, Apr 20, 2014
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  3. Cursitor Doom

    Savageduck Guest

    Some F's had a rough life.
    < >
    Savageduck, Apr 20, 2014

  4. And I'll bet it STILL takes great pictures - unlike a modern digital.
    Cursitor Doom, Apr 20, 2014
  5. Cursitor Doom

    Savageduck Guest

    There is a slight light leak, but you can do wonders with duct tape.
    Savageduck, Apr 20, 2014
  6. Cursitor Doom

    Guest Guest

    then you'd lose. a not so modern digital slr takes better pictures than
    any film nikon slr ever could, nevermind the modern ones, which compare
    with medium format film.
    Guest, Apr 21, 2014
  7. Cursitor Doom

    Savageduck Guest

    Damn it nospam! Do you have to argue your position, even in the middle
    of a joke?
    Savageduck, Apr 21, 2014
  8. Cursitor Doom

    Guest Guest

    Damn it nospam! Do you have to argue your position, even in the middle
    of a joke?[/QUOTE]

    i don't think he's joking.
    Guest, Apr 21, 2014
  9. Please provide even one single quality that Kodachrome had that
    is not available in every single top of the line DSLR being
    produced today. For that matter, even 2nd and 3rd level DSLR's

    There is a very good reason that Kodachrome is no longer even
    produced, and that it can no longer be processed.
    Floyd L. Davidson, Apr 21, 2014
  10. Cursitor Doom

    Savageduck Guest

    Neither does Kodak any more.
    Savageduck, Apr 21, 2014
  11. Cursitor Doom

    Guest Guest

    digital can emulate kodachrome, along with whatever other film you
    want, and even do so from the same original image. choose the film
    *after* you take the photo.

    or you can not emulate film and enjoy the higher quality of digital.
    Guest, Apr 21, 2014
  12. Cursitor Doom

    Guest Guest

    the reason is mostly the complexity of kodachrome processing.

    even before digital came along, there weren't that many places doing
    kodachrome processing and the rest had to send it out, which is one
    reason why consumers chose something other than kodachrome.
    Guest, Apr 21, 2014
  13. Cursitor Doom

    cjt Guest

    lack of granularity
    cjt, Apr 21, 2014
  14. Cursitor Doom

    cjt Guest

    cjt, Apr 21, 2014
  15. Cursitor Doom

    Guest Guest

    lack of granularity[/QUOTE]

    digital has no grain.
    Guest, Apr 21, 2014
  16. Cursitor Doom

    Savageduck Guest

    ....and an artificial color tone with only a remote basis in reality.

    Then with digital I can always process one of my images to look like this:
    < >

    ....or if I prefer, perhaps something like this:
    Savageduck, Apr 21, 2014
  17. Cursitor Doom

    cjt Guest

    digital has no grain.
    I would have said it has regular rectangular/square grain known as pixels.
    cjt, Apr 21, 2014
  18. Cursitor Doom

    Guest Guest

    I would have said it has regular rectangular/square grain known as pixels.[/QUOTE]

    pixels are not the same as grain.
    Guest, Apr 21, 2014
  19. But the question was can you provide an example of a quality that
    Kodachrome had *that is not available in every single top of the line*

    There isn't even an entry level digital P&S that doesn't have equal
    Kodachrome in lack of granularity.
    Floyd L. Davidson, Apr 21, 2014
  20. Cursitor Doom

    PeterN Guest

    Pixels and all.
    PeterN, Apr 21, 2014
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