Bought battery from SterlingTek, it stays stuck!

Discussion in 'Digital Cameras' started by Zeitgeist, Jul 29, 2004.

  1. Zeitgeist

    Zeitgeist Guest

    An update.

    I did indeed end up ordering a NP-FM50 type battery from SterlingTek
    along with charger/case. The charger seems to be working fine... However
    the battery leaves a lot to be desired.

    It's a DSC-S70 camera and the battery is supposed to spring out when the
    side is opened.. however the SterlingTek [POS] battery stays in there
    and I need to pull it out with a knife -AWSOME.

    The Sony battery works fine and springs out fine...

    Anyone else experience something like this?
    Zeitgeist, Jul 29, 2004
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  2. Zeitgeist

    mark P. Guest

    I had a similar experience with a battery from eBay for a Canon S30
    camera. It would not snap in place because the edge of the
    battery was not sharp enough to allow the camera's retainer to
    grip it. I scraped some of the plastic with a pocket knife to sharpen
    the corner and it works fine. I reported the problem and my fix to
    the seller and they said they'd start a file in case anybody else
    reported the same problem. I gave them negative feedback for
    that particular battery so as to warn other buyers. It was not
    Sterling Tek.

    You might compare the molded plastic details between the old and
    new battery. It sounds like the new one is slightly larger or has a
    protrusion that maybe could be carefully scraped away a little at
    a time with a file or pocket knife.
    There should be some scratches or scrapes visible in the plastic
    to show where the trouble spots are. If you have doubts or don't
    feel comfortable about carving on the battery, you might contact
    Sterling first. My guess is that their supplier didn't get the mold
    for the battery case exactly right.
    mark P.
    mark P., Jul 30, 2004
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