Bought my 20D from Ritz last week.

Discussion in 'Digital SLR' started by DelphiCoder, May 30, 2005.

  1. DelphiCoder

    DelphiCoder Guest

    Just wanted to say that I finally got tired of comparing, and just went out
    and purchased the camera. Not being advanced as most here, I just went for
    the kit, intending to get a good zoom later in the next few weeks/months.
    Ritz had a good price on it, 1499 - 100 rebate for 1399. That was 100 bucks
    less than best but. It also was 12 months no interest.

    Unfortunately, it was not all smooth sailing. After I got the camera home,
    and took some pics, the numbering system of the files was starting at 00125
    instead of 00001 like it was suppose to. The box looked like it had been
    opened a few times anyway. So, I took it back to them. I was expecting a
    fight on my hands, but they were extremely apologetic and wanted to make
    sure I was happy. They exchanged it and the next one started the correct
    numbering sequence. I also had to upgrade the firmaware as well on the
    second one, like I should have. This made me feel much better.

    Anyway, thanks to all that contributed opinions and such on my previous
    postings. I am having fun with the 20D, and I really like it a lot.

    DelphiCoder, May 30, 2005
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  2. DelphiCoder

    Robert Guest

    I just got the same deal from Kits camera in my local mall. I got to compare
    side by side weight by weight the 350xt the D70 and the 20D over all I frond
    the 20D felt better in my hands, felt more sturdy, and the camera just
    sounded better than the others so I went for it. At the time they were out
    of stock on a new one so the sales person let me take the 2 week old display
    model home to play with over the weekend until they get their shipment of
    new ones in. So far I just love the camera. Being an armature the camera is
    quite simple to use. my old one was an Oly C4040. Did you get the extended
    service plan that says it will cover repair or replacement if the camera
    gets damaged or broken for any reason except for fire or theft? They said
    they would give me 2 weeks to decide if I wanted to get it. It sounds good
    but wanted to get an opinion from people in this news group. If it is
    anything like an extended warranty on a car I will skip on the deal. But it
    sounds good if I were to run it over with my truck they would cover it. Hope
    you have fun with yours, I am off to play with mine now.

    Robert, May 30, 2005
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  3. "Did you get the extended
    service plan that says it will cover repair or replacement if the
    gets damaged or broken for any reason except for fire or theft?"

    I don't know how it will go with a Canon dealer, but I wish you luck.

    Last time I bought such a plan, it was for my Toshiba notebook PC. I
    took it in for repair after the latch broke. Despite having bought the
    extended warranty, they charged me $175, left the broken piece inside
    the case, and put fingerprints on the display.

    Some people might take this to them and demand satisfaction, and they
    might get some satisfaction. I take another approach. I quietly
    disappear and stop being their customer.
    James Of Tucson, May 30, 2005
  4. DelphiCoder

    DelphiCoder Guest

    I did not get the extended plan. It was something like 200+ bucks.... I have
    never had to use an extended plan,,,,,, so I am shy of them.. Besides, at
    the time, the camera was all I could afford anyway. Interested in what
    others have to say about the camera service plans as well.
    DelphiCoder, May 31, 2005
  5. DelphiCoder

    Steven Toney Guest

    What plan at ritz\wolf gave you 12 months no interest -- local deal or
    something nationwide??

    I plan to get a 20D before my September vacation
    Steven Toney, May 31, 2005
  6. DelphiCoder

    DelphiCoder Guest

    I was under the impression it was nationwide. It was in their printed sales
    booklet at the store.
    DelphiCoder, May 31, 2005
  7. DelphiCoder

    Steven Toney Guest


    I like the 12 month no interest deals on such items -- I'll go to a Ritz
    store soon
    Steven Toney, May 31, 2005
  8. "No interest" means you must be paying a higher base price.

    David J Taylor, May 31, 2005
  9. DelphiCoder

    Steven Toney Guest

    Yes, I understand this is true many times, but not always

    I always look at best price I can find for reasonably big ticket items and
    weigh the delta of cheapest versus 12-18 months - no interest

    Sometimes the price delta is not that much and not foking out the 2000-6000
    at once is a better way to get a toy - if the deal/terms are favorable -- I
    rarely rack up any interest on these things \ toys no matter how I decided
    to get them

    really big ticket items like cars \ homes are the exception

    I try to keep interest debt as close to zero as possible
    Steven Toney, Jun 1, 2005
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