Brand New Nikon MB-E5700 Battery Grip for Coolpix 8700 & 5700

Discussion in 'Nikon' started by BigBrian, Oct 13, 2006.

  1. BigBrian

    BigBrian Guest

    £45 inclusive of insured delivery

    There isn't a great deal to explain about what this accessory does as
    its function is quite simple but extremely useful - it's a bolt on
    battery pack to the Coolpix 5700/8700. Why would I need one of those?
    Well, the Coolpix 5700/8700 has the aspirations of a digital SLR camera
    in the proportions of its compact design; the problem is that the
    design is a little too compact for its own good.

    If you want a more substantial feel to using the camera - it lacks the
    weight and mass of the larger SLR format. By adding this battery 'grip'
    which screws onto the tripod thread on the base of the camera you gain
    the benefit of increased size and weight which adds substantially to
    its ergonomics.

    You can fit the battery pack by removing the hinged battery cover on
    the bottom of the camera, as well as removing a small plastic cover
    that protects some tiny connections. If you know the piece of plastic
    I'm talking about, then it means you have already tried removing it,
    wondering what on earth its purpose is. Conveniently the battery
    'grip' is so well designed that this little item along with the
    original battery door needn't be lying around just waiting to be lost,
    they can both slot safely into purposely designed recesses in the
    MBE5700, so that you will never lose them.

    The battery grip takes 6 AA batteries for extended shooting. I use 6
    2600 milliamp NiMH rechargeable batteries that give approximately 6
    hours battery life, compared to 75 mins for EN-EL1 internal battery.

    On top of this it adds shutter release and zoom control in a vertical
    position for portrait shooting. The batteries are fitted by placing
    them in a side-loading tray, which means you can change batteries
    without taking the camera off the tripod - try doing that with the
    standard EN-EL1 batteries!

    Once you have got an MBE5700 you'll be asking your Coolpix owning
    friends "who wants to buy my spare EN-EL1 batteries?" as you'll never
    want to be using them ever again!
    BigBrian, Oct 13, 2006
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