Brisbane at night - a work in progress..

Discussion in 'Australia Photography' started by mark.thomas.7, Feb 16, 2008.

  1. I probably shouldn't post this in its current state, but I have to
    beat that Rusty guy.. (O: (1Mb)

    Note - this is a rather large image (ie, don't forget to scroll to the

    FTR, it's a 5-image stitch taken on a Fuji S9000 at 28mm equivalent
    and covers a field of view of about 210°. The original is about 12000
    pixels wide, so I have reduced it down to about 5000 for display
    here. Stating the obvious - it's a standard non-linear (grin)
    panorama taken on a tripod but without any careful levelling or a pano
    head. Stitching done by PTGUI + Smartblend with no intervention from
    me - because these were shot at 28mm with little overlap, I'm very
    happy with PTGUI's first attempt..

    It has a few issues that I shall get back to shortly, eg:
    - a few stitching errors - eg at top of the roofline (I'll revisit the
    control points later)
    - not very well color matched/balanced (it was not shot raw)
    - could use a little HDR to deal with the burnt out signs at the bus

    Lame excuses notwithstanding! - I will be delighted to hear
    constructive comments and criticism.

    mark.thomas.7, Feb 16, 2008
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  2. mark.thomas.7

    Jeff R. Guest

    You can't fool me!
    Look at the way the lamp-posts line up with the ....
    Oh, wait.

    I mean:
    I can see the same side of the car in both....
    No, hang on....


    Nice one, Mark.
    You're a brave man, shooting panos at 28mm, with so few frames. I'm too
    easily frustrated by the barrel distortion on the edge of my wide angles,
    and prefer the shotgun approach with ~80mm and lots of frames. I guess I do
    miss a bit of height, then.

    The ghosts in the bus shelter are exposure ghosts, not blending ghosts, yes?

    Its a shame that shots like this are so difficult to display well online.
    I'm looking at it 1680 pix at a time, and its still not enough. Compressed
    to fit, it loses so much. I guess we'll have to find someone with access to
    a big-arse printer that can take roll-paper, and print a 2 metre wide shot.
    Maybe even commercially. Framing, too?

    Know anyone?
    Jeff R., Feb 16, 2008
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  3. mark.thomas.7

    PixelPix Guest

    Easy to beat me Mark..... I am finding little time to get the camera
    out these days. :-(

    I do like the location and think it works well for pano. The image
    carries nice colour, tone and detail.... with a few blending issues
    fixed up it will be a keeper for sure. (the sky looks a little
    blotchy in places, so perhaps a little extra attention there with
    reduces NR or sharpening??)

    Jeff... I have shot a lot of panos at 17mm and never had a problem...
    perhaps I use more overlap? I use 15 degrees between my images @


    PixelPix, Feb 17, 2008
  4. mark.thomas.7

    Jeff R. Guest

    Ow ow ow!
    You must be blending the handrails and the lines on the road (etc) til the
    wee small hours!

    It depends on the subject matter, of course, but any time I've tried wide
    angle, I've ended up with rails or curbs or eaves or gutters or other such
    straight, long objects looking like they've broken their back.

    I have to overlap more than 60% to avoid this, which kind'a loses the
    advantage of the wide angle. (Height loss notwithstanding)

    17mm! Sheesh.
    More power to you.
    Jeff R., Feb 17, 2008
  5. mark.thomas.7

    Mr.T Guest

    Strange, most 28mm lenses don't have much barrel distortion, Zoom lenses
    Why, you can stack vertical as well as horizontal if you want to.

    Mr.T, Feb 17, 2008
  6. mark.thomas.7

    Helen Guest

    Sorry Mark but I'm not experienced in stitching or HDR. FWIW, I
    thought the colours were vibrant and the image was sharp for a night
    shot. I just know it's a pic I enjoy looking at.
    Helen, Feb 17, 2008
  7. Damn. There's always someone on these groups who will spot the
    cheats! (O;
    Haha!! I think you have my image confused with another. But I'm
    still working on getting *these two images* lined up:
    Strangely, it just isn't working for me... Can you help, or do you
    know anyone who can? (((O:
    Yes, I pushed this one a bit far - hence the seam issues, but I think
    I can tweak them into shape. I would normally shoot at around 35mm
    with more overlap then fairly heavily crop the final result to remove
    any outer edge glitches, but on this occasion.. I was foot-weary,
    tired, hungry and just experimenting, so I sowed what I reaped...
    Yep. I went for only a two-second exposure partly because I *wanted*
    some ghosts..
    Indeed. It's frustrating for me too - it's hard to get a feel for
    what the final thing will look like. I don't currently own an A3
    printer, but I do have some long glossy paper from back when I did, so
    I might see how far I can push my little A4 lengthways..

    My intention is to do a series of this scene in different times of
    day, maybe even try merging them so it goes from night to day in one
    shot, or something equally childish...

    Then I'll start looking for someone to do the printing, or maybe I
    might weaken and replace my big printer (after the lottery win I
    expect any day now..)

    Funnily enough, I have access to a huge HP roll-printer. However, its
    best resolution isn't exactly up to my quality standards. OK when
    viewed from a distance, but this sort of shot invites close looking.

    cheers, mt
    mark.thomas.7, Feb 17, 2008
  8. mark.thomas.7

    Jeff R. Guest

    I have my hair shirt and self-flagellation whips for when I want that
    Jeff R., Feb 17, 2008
  9. mark.thomas.7

    Jeff R. Guest

    Piece of cake, with the right software and lots of professional experience.
    Just keep waiting. We'll both be shown up Real Soon Now.

    My R800 can do a very nice 1.5m (or therabouts) wide shot with roll-paper,
    but the sound of the ink gurgling down the hatch, and the *empty* look on
    the ink cart display afterwards make me hesitant. I love my Epson, but I
    think I'd outsource a pano print.
    (I can see it now - 95% complete, perfect so far, then cyan runs dry.)

    Within the constraints of my budget, I think some photos are destined to
    remain on-screen only.
    Jeff R., Feb 17, 2008
  10. mark.thomas.7

    Troy Piggins Guest

    * is quoted & my replies are inline below
    Nice shots Mark. I like the colours in the lights. Personally
    the lit walkways at each end of the pano seem to distract me, but
    I want to see the skyline of the city. Does that make sense?
    Like I'd crop the ends off.
    Troy Piggins, Feb 17, 2008
  11. That's ok, neither am I... (O:
    Thanks! Just out of interest, I tried a mono version of it also - and
    it looks quite interesting. Or maybe a better word is ..."unusual".
    mark.thomas.7, Feb 17, 2008
  12. mark.thomas.7

    Helen Guest

    Sounds interesting. I'd love to see it.
    Helen, Feb 17, 2008
  13. mark.thomas.7

    Rob. Guest

    What's intrigued me is the colour balance and all the different light
    sources. Its almost neutral within the interchange (fluro) yet elsewhere
    is green cast. Have you set the balance or just left that on auto.

    I would have liked some more detail in the sky. Not sure if the wings
    distract from the centre of the image and need some toning down.

    Rob., Feb 17, 2008
  14. I knew someone would spot the error... It's also why the sky is a
    little patchy - some fool (O: had set everything to manual... *except*
    the white balance! And as it wasn't shot raw, that turned out to be a
    rather *bad* thing...

    I individually (and rather roughly) color balanced each image and then
    threw it all into the pano-bucket, Voila!

    Having said that, I'm pretty happy with the colour - mixing all those
    sources is fun (specially sodium/mercury? vapour and fluoros plus some
    of the lighting in the Qpac appeared to be LED-based.....Can you say
    'spectrum peaks'?)

    I'll be interested to see how much better/worse it is when I shoot
    raw. At least with Auto I had some ideas from the camera... (O:

    Here's a 'monochromatique' version for Helen which overcomes the
    problem, and is differently cropped (I should really have gone further
    I think) for Troy...
    mark.thomas.7, Feb 17, 2008
  15. Updated, but smaller version here:

    Still a little work to do...

    The larger version (with a lot more stitching problems) is still there
    at the link above.

    Wonder when Doug will post *his* 'stepped-out' panorama?
    mark.thomas.7, Feb 29, 2008
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